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    Ret/Unholy DK 2v2 arena talents

    I have fist of justice and selfless healer at the moment, but thinking that switching to repentance and sacred shield might be better for the comp. Repentance to use for an opener and sacred shield because when I get trained selfless healer is not that effective.
    However, I did try those in arena and lost 2 matches we could have won if I had my stun up and the other if I had instant FoL(had judged more than 2 times). But I may have also won matches because of rep and sacred shield.
    Can you advise me what to do please?

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    do not change fist of justice and selfless healer its the perfect skills for ARENA 2V2 try to play with someone has alot of cc i will say SP with alot of fear and u will be a god in 2v2 i did that with myself

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