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    Anyone care to check my logs? [Restoration]

    Hey guys, we went back to MV last night to try and land a Feng kill which didn't happen. But I wanted you guys to look over my logs, I was behind our other resto which wasn't the case last week. The only differences that I can recall between weeks is two resto shamans instead of a second pally and a disc priest. I really don't know if that would have such a large impact on Feng although it might?

    I'll take any suggestions.

    Logs: As this is my first time posting i cant post links so this is what follows the world of logs web address. /reports/rt-opvx0htvdlijimza/sum/healingDone/?s=8823&e=9215

    **p.s disregard Stone Guard logs, I was having FPS issues which i corrected after the fight, as i parsed last week so I'm kind of comfortable with my tactics (from last week) on the encounter.

    p.p.s: A couple of times in p1 starting with the Arcane phase when I had resonance during a velocity I frequently would die, I would generally pop barkskin and try to heal my self up but if i was low before velocity really got going I got steam rolled which happened on multiple attempts. any suggestions there as well?

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    Take a look at this side-by-side compare with the other druid to see the differences.

    Some quick things that I see is that you filled with alot more rejuvenations and im guessing he did better on mana. His Lifebloom uptime was alot better. Half of your tranquility is going to overheal and his nearly nothing.

    Looks like quite low number of swiftmends as well for that duration. But both was around the same number.

    Looking at the graph you both kept aprox the same throughput but he had two bigger peaks on his tranqs. I am guessing you are coordinating those and I guess he got the "better ones" :P

    I did not check your armoury. But I guess you got your stats sorted and im guessing you're both similar geared. Meaning the only difference is in spell usage and to be honest if you time your big CDs at the right place has a big impact on the healing meter. But as I said, those are usally coordinated.
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    Zarentia I'll get right to it.

    1. You lifebloom uptime is around 70%
    a. This is going to give you less clear casting procs
    i. You will have better mana effeciency by improving your lifebloom uptime
    ii. Free Healing Touches and Regrowths will contribute a lot to your HPS
    b. Lifebloom is an awesome heal that will increase your overall HPS by itself
    2. You are using your rejuvenation to generously
    Rejuvenation is a great spell. It stabilizes health pools from incoming damage. It heals for one tick on it's cast. It allows you to swiftmend. It is usable on the run. don't be tempted by all these great things the fact that it is so easy to use coupled with your aforementioned swiftmend use, it could be easy to use this spell too much.

    Try a bit more spell diversity, make sure you are casting a regrowth or healing touch during a clear casting proc as it will trigger your mastery. Another thing to consider is the use of your cooldowns. Healing cooldowns are not as simple to use as a DPS cooldown where there is usually a burn phase of some sort that more dps is needed. With healers one or two healers using a cooldown it could prevent the need for the third and fourth healer to use theirs since the raid would be healed by the first two. Long story short, if you see one guy popping tranquility don't just follow suit unless you know that it is needed to survive a certain boss mechanic.

    One thing I can say you did very well on was your use of swiftmend. You had very little overhealing from that spell, however, the fact that you had so many targets to choose from in order to find the best target to swiftmend may have contributed to this low overhealing number.

    Practice balancing a few things.
    1. Keep your mastery procced
    2. Keep lifebloom up
    3. Coordinate the use of your cooldowns
    4. use a diverse amount of spells

    The funny thing about healing is "topping the meters" is not your end goal. Keeping the raid alive is. Fullfill your assigned healing and branch out to help out the other healers. Fights of course will vary. If meters are a big issue for you (and I understand your position if they were) then try to get another healing assignment.

    Hope this helped

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