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    I play both 10 and 25, and imho 25 is harder most of the times, purely from an organisation and execution pov.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azshira View Post
    If you debate this (like the first page) in a clear and concise manner we'll leave this open. However when certain posters arrive with their 'bad' posts demonstrated in page 2 that's what we don't like.
    Out of pure curiosity could you perhaps make an infracted thread or something where the worst and most insulting stuff ever written on these forums could be posted. I know it would be a complete garbage post where people got worse and worse but still could be interresting to read what people get infracted for.

    On topic would claim that 25s are harder and it gets harder for medicore and casual guilds because the spread of player skill gets bigger in those guilds. Top guilds can choose to kick people, medicore or casual guilds might have a tendency to keep lesser skilled people around either because they hope those players might get better or more cynical to be able to make raids.
    And with this larger spread in skill it does get more difficult. And well it has been said before but the biggest fish in such a guild would feel compelled to do 10 man raiding because they feel like über elite players compared to the rest and well they would get through the content a bit easier.
    Well it good to feel like a big fish in a small pond, but out in the big sea there might be even bigger fish than you.

    From a raiding succes point of view going 10 man is probably best for those players, from a social more longterm fun point of view i would say that 10 man raiding is extremely boring and community breaking. As an example 25 man guilds might have internal 10 man alt runs, imo 10 man guilds do not such fun features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    In 25 man, if you lose a dps for example, it's not the end of the world, in 10 man if you lose someone, it usually means it will be a wipe.
    People always bring up this point however what they forget is that it is also more likely to happen in 25.
    Say there's a 5% chance for a player to fail and die on a given fight then out of 20 tries those raids will get:

    Deaths/RS 10 25
    0 ~12 (59.9%) ~6 (27.7%)
    1 ~6 (31.5%) ~7 (36.5%)
    2 ~1-2 (7.5%) ~4-5 (23.1%)
    3 <1 ~2 (9.3%)

    pn= pf^nf * (1-pf)^(rs-nf)*combin(rs,nf) , with pf=probability for individual failure, nf=number of failures, rs = raid size

    Personally I'd rather take the 12 tries without deaths on progress, even if the number of tries you can BR back to full strength is slightly larger in 25 (19 vs 18).

    That's not to say that 25 man is automatically harder (that actually depends on encounter tuning) however the point about "losing one person in 10 man..." completely disregards the chances of it happening.
    That's a bit like saying "playing the lottery is better than getting a job because hitting the jackpot will earn you way more money." While the latter part is true the conclusion is not because it does not account for the probability of those two events.
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