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    Soulshard Macros Help

    Hai guise, I'm currently using a Soulburn: Soulswap macro and I'm having a few problems that I hope you can help me with.

    The big one, which is partially due to me not watching my soul shards closely enough, is when I think I'm going to refresh all of my dots...and...all of my dots disappear. Is there a way to incorporate a condition into the macro that it only casts if there are soul shards available? I understand it might not be feasible considering there are two spells in the macro.

    The other issue is more of a quality of life issue, but whenever something interrupts the casting of Soul Swap- range, los, or most commonly being mounted- it will burn a shard but then when you try to cast again it goes ahead and eats up another one. So for that I'd want to add a condition to not cast Soulburn if the Soulburn affect is already present.

    Finally, is there a way to toggle between SB:SoC and regular SoC on one button?

    If there's no solution to the first problem, could you recommend an addon that puts the Soul Shard HUD more front and center? I'd rather not crap up my screen with more flashing auras. Thanks and have a pleasant tomorrow!
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    I use a castsequence macro for my SB:SS needs, it prevents me from using extra shards in the cases you mention, but to get it to reset on time I have a conditional in it to reset (and thus burn a new shard) when I switch targets. There is no foolproof solution to this problem other then L2P, I'm afraid, and we are all in that boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    There is no foolproof solution to this problem other then L2P, I'm afraid, and we are all in that boat.
    This. I still accidentally soul swap my target because I didn't have a soul shard for soulburn, but it's not as frequent as it was pre-MoP. ^^

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