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    Trade macro: need help

    I'm not the smartest person when it comes to making macros. I was wondering if anyone could help me.

    I am constantly buying Sha Crystals and the enchanting cooldown from people in trade chat so my periodic spam looks like this.

    "WTB [Sha Crystal] and [Enchanting: Sha Crystal] cooldowns. PST"

    I type it out just fine, but since I spam that macro periodically thru-out the day it would be much more convenient to hit one button then type it out, shift click each time etc.

    I know I can make a macro to just post words in trade. But I find that linking the actual Sha crystal, and the actual profession skill, yields better results in finding people. (Prolly because it has colors instead of just text)

    So my question is this... does anyone know how to make a trade spam macro that will link the item "Sha Crystal" and the enchanting cooldown for making a sha crystal in it?

    Appreciate the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smegdawg View Post

    You're welcome.
    There'd be nothing to google for if everyone just replied 'google it' on forums. >_> The one thing that pissed me off the most when I was a moderator on a rather big forum was people like you, I hope mods here disagree with me for your sake.

    Sorry that he's such an ass. I wish I could help you, but unfortunately I can't.

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    I'm pretty sure it works fine if you just type it out and shift click the item/craft (from trade or your bag, wherever you got the shift click before) while the cursor is in the macro window and itll insert the link into the macro. At least thats how it works for linking professions (I assume items work the same way).

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    Shift click works with professions and specific recipes but not with actual items.

    To get the item to link in a macro someone in trade chat let me know how. For those interested you need to open up your macro window, made your trade spam macro. Where you want the item linked you need to click, arrow, and/or space or backspace to the position you want the item linked and then hit escape once to deselect the macro window. Next you need to hit enter and paste "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")" and then between the two "" you need to shift + click the item then hit enter. It should link the item into your macro at the location you selected.

    So to put in steps...
    1) /m
    2) new macro
    3) Macro name and icon symbol
    4) enter something like this for trade chat "/2 WTS for 1million gold"
    5) Click in between "WTS" and "for" to the position you want the item to go
    6) hit escape once
    7) hit enter
    8) paste "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")"
    9) shift click item between the two " like this "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("shiftclickitemhere")"
    10) hit enter
    11) macro should have item in macro and should be ready to save and use. The macro will look like this "/2 WTS shiftclickitemhere for 1 million gold"

    hope that makes sense and helps anyone who is looking to do the same thing I was.

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    You could just press Alt+Up arrow, which will scroll through your last sent messages. Then just find the message for trade and bingo.

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    Look up the addon autoflood, I'm sure it will help you a lot

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