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    Wink [H] (10) Pulse - 2/6 MV HC H, HoF 3/6 ( semi-hardcore)

    EDIT: Updated 19.11.2012

    Guild: Pulse (http://pulse-eu.enjin.com)
    Realm: Kilrogg
    Region: EU
    Language: English
    Faction: Horde

    Currently actively recruiting the following:
    RDPS : (1-2)
    High - Hunter, Warlock ,Spriest.
    Medium - Mage, Boomkin
    Low - Ele shaman.
    Healers : (1)
    High - Disc priest 
    Medium - Shaman, Paladin, Druid, 
    Melee: (1-2)
    High - Rogue,
    Medium - Ret, DK, EnH Shaman
    Tanks: (1-2)
    Prot paladin

    Raid Schedule: 21:45 --> 01:00 CET. 3/week - Wed. Thur. Sun. ( 4th night might happen during progression , usualy Mon. or Tue. )
    -FL 7/7 HC ( Ragnaros World 1127/ EU 543 )
    -DS 8/8 HC ( Madness of Deathwing Normal World 165/ EU 50 , H: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping World 817 / EU 453,
     H: Warlord Zon'ozz World 892/ EU 493 .. swap to SW:ToR afterwards )
    2/6 MV (HC)
    3/6 HoF (N)
    What we can offer

    - Server firsts on some boss kills.
    - Competative players that rank highly when it matters (some top 10).
    - Hardcore raiding with casual times.
    - A highly progressed and established guild that's been running for expansions now .
    - A group of active players which have been playing wow since vanilla and some of them in top hardcore guilds.
    - A gaming comunity which is not restricted to wow only.
    - A roster that makes sure we don't miss any raids,and puts sitting to the minimum.
    - A bunch of crazy and talkative people from all over the world.

    What we expect from you!

    - You're contributing to end-game raiding ,and always researching/finding new and viable methods to improve.
    - Experience in progression raiding for atleast one expansion.
    - Decent computer and a stable connection.
    - Maintain close to 80 % attendance
    - You know how to joke ( take a joke ) and raid with 100 % focus when it counts.
    - You take positive criticism and use it to improve .

    Optional ( but a huge factor)

    - You're exceptional at your offspec.
    - You have 1 or 2 viable alts and you're willing to raid (alt runs) with.
    - You can fraps at ultra!

    We claim to be a semi-hardcore guild, with a strong emphasis on progression and fun. We expect our members to be focused and knowledgeable about their class and raid environment whilst simultaneously being able to graciously accept wiping and mistakes during progression.

    If you feel the above situation applies to you please feel free to apply at http://pulse-eu.enjin.com. (You will need an account to begin the application process)

    If you have any questions before applying add me on skype copy.generation or contact me/us ingame ( Plushy, Makovic, Malfurande, Tides)

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    We have cookies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tides View Post
    We have cookies!
    he ate the cake ;(

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    I'm a real cookie monster :P

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    Bump for 4/6 HoF

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    Would give a leg for a good Monk, Spriest or Hunter.

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    At least a Hunter! Mail loot going to waste at this rate!

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    Bumps - 5/6 HoF - All that Mail Loot going to the Enhancement Shaman must be infuriating to all those hunters out there!

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    In a big need of a disc priest or prot paladin!

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    Bumping the recruitment.

    We are currently actively recruiting Healers of the following classes/spec(s):

    • Druid (Resto)
    • Paladin (Holy)
    • Monk (Mist)

    If you are interested, please apply at our website.


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    we are still actively looking for a healer (or two).


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