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    New brewmaster re rolled from dk,-advice needed

    Well after having people blame my class etc for my dps as tank/dps specs, and my solo kills (majority of time) being based on `your a dk` i thought i'd try something new, i needed a monk to complete my wow tanks anyway (1 of each tank class).

    Long story short i actually like monk tanking, so i'm going to play monk over my dk for a while, atleast for a whole patch.
    I'm now lvl 85, trying to get 90 asap, i plan on being a MT in raids but i also want to have fun and do decent solos, such as Firelands and up, i was progressing things like that for fun on my other tanks, and want to continue on my brewmaster and with time playing brewmaster learn some cool tricks.


    1. the ox statue, people say it's a aoe taunt, how? when it is down it can shield people, but if i target a level 85 mob and taunt it, does it make my taunt an aoe just like that, or do i target my ox statue and then taunt to make it aoe, or is there no such aoe taunt.

    2. Healing tier (30): Chi Wave - Zen Sphere - Chi Burst
    Now without experiencing any, i took and have stuck with Zen Sphere, it's a decent (kinda low but decent) HoT + the burst effect crits are nice. I have been whispered (quite angry) that i should get chi wave, apprently even if i was soloing, it would bounce just on myself, whats the deal? does chi wave need party members to bounce heals, or can it just bounce solo on me. Also is chi burst any good?

    3. Defensive Tier? (75): Healing Elixirs - Dampen Harm - Diffuse Magic
    Is this tier personal choice? i do know i'll be respeccing various times for dampen harm/diffuse magic in a raid fight, however which one should i run on a basic play? i took healing elixirs as it can be quite decent i thought.

    4: 90 tiers, havent hit 90, any insight would be appreiciated

    5. Stats? i have heard countless things, my idea generally was;
    Stam=Agil>hit cap> exp cap> haste> mastery> dodge> parry
    Reason for me thinking that, stamina till i feel conformtable with the amount i have then agility as a threat/dps stat, hit and exp to not miss and haste for mass energy regen.

    6 (Last one). am i doing this right?
    blackout kick
    keg smash
    --------- whenever i can't use energy stuff i use tiger palm due to free cost, should i just auto attack at these times? for Elusive brew stacks.

    Cheers for any information/comments/help ^^

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    whoa, lots of questions, and i'll try to answer the best I can.

    1) Ox statue by default is a "shield" for party members, but there is a glyph that can make it taunt for you in case of "troubles".
    2) Really up to you. I prefer Chi Wave because it has a short cool down and heals like a boss.
    3) Again preference, but maybe more like depends on fight. I use Healing elixirs to help out healers as much as possible.
    4) Again preference, I use the tiger. But keep in mind for brewmaster, the tiger actually taunts. I've heard it worked for some raid bosses and not others (not sure though).
    5) Stam until you're at a comfortable level, --> agil --> haste/crit depending on who you talk to.
    6) Black out kick should be priority... Guard you can use on cd, or you can be a better tank and use it for known incoming damage. Keg smash on cd. and don't forget about the elixir that wipes stagger

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    1. target the ox statue and it does an aoe taunt around itself.

    2 Chi wave is actually great for soloing, you can cast it on a boss and it will bounce between the boss and you damaging him and healing you.

    3. The heal from healing elixirs is nice for soloing, the other two are situational for when a boss is going to hit hard or have a large magic damaging ability.

    4. Xuen will taunt bosses lower than 90 raid level, so it is really good for solo.

    5. Stats are pretty much what you put, stam is only important if you feel like you are getting destroyed but in general you won't be gemming enchanting or gearing for it.

    6. Tiger palm also stacks a 5% buff to guard 3 times so make sure you are using that when you guard and make use of clash and your leg sweep aow stuff when you pull groups of trash.

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    Cheers both for replies, and for clarifying the ox statue/chi wave thing, didn't realise the wave would bounce between enemys too, skipped that bit, i'll definantly be trying it out.

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    A large majority of BrM's came from being a Dk, myself included.

    1) Provoke acts like a single target taunt but when you target your statue and use it the taunt is an 8 yard AOE around the statue directed towards you. There is also a glyph that gives the statue it's own taunt which will make mobs attack it (I find this annoying).
    2) I mostly run with Chi Wave but Zen Sphere has it's uses. Depends on what content you are doing and even if your 10 vs 25 man raiding. Solo+LFD+10m I keep Chi Wave personally.
    3) This changes per boss fight. Outside of raids I use Healing Elixirs to be lazy and in raids I change between Dampen Harm/Diffuse Magic depending on the fight.
    4) RJW for AoE and Xuen for single target. For raids I almost always keep Xuen loaded for the boss DPS it provides. Chi Torpedo isn't very useful as a tank unless the boss involves you using roll in or into your raid pile (Like first boss of Spirit Kings).
    5) See tanking sticky. I use the hit/expertise soft cap.
    6) See tanking sticky.

    Edit: Got reminded about Xuen taunting LFD bosses. This is really amusing but you may want to taunt him back from time to time to keep your vengeance from dropping and your DPS up. Also, he can taunt adds in boss fights which can be good or bad (On Elegon taunting protectors away from you would be bad).
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