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    I need on lockboxes only when somebody else does it, if 4ppl greeds, ill also greed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    No, especially since only you can use it. I don't ask when only I can use it, but I will say "taking for OS"
    I usually ask and watch to see if anybody rolls need being that it is my OS. Figured nobody could use anyway and nobody would mind. Since I opened the loot window I can see who rolls what and will wait on OS gear to see if anybody needs. If someone needs I'll greed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Just what groups are you going with? I do dungeons every day on more than one character (tank/dps on one, heals on another), nevermind leveling dungeons and I have yet to see anyone needing on all of the lockboxes or greens. It's so rare that most of the time the group is flabbergasted that anyone did roll need.
    Don't worry Dars, I don't see people do it either. The last time I can remember anyone "needing" on a lockbox in a LFD group one of the other pugs in group yelled "He's needing on lockboxes, kick him!"...and they did.

    I really don't care either way. Obviously they must be in a worse way than me if they really do NEED the contents of that lockbox.

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    Not needing is the error that creates the problem.
    If everyone selects greed it's the same as everyone selecting need
    advocating for greed is advocating for inviting drama

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    i very rarely see anyone need on the lockbox. except somtimes rogues at low level but i see that as perfectly acceptable. i have never needed one, and tbh im not sure i even follow who wins. i just hit greed and then if i notice a lockbox later i send it to me BS to unlock. maybe you only see people need it because you need it first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Technically it's not ninja'ing. Do I think it is? Sure. You're depriving the rest of the group the chance at a piece of vendor loot and some extra gold
    How so? just turn /loot on and you see what the others roll and can roll need too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    But is it ok when everyone in the group is hitting need? Thats what usually happens, i see everyone hit need, so i do the same.
    Yeah, if everyone is hitting need, i see no reason to. However, with that said, i gave up trying to be nice in groups when i was still doing 5-mans. Agreeing with the group that we'd all greed if X item dropped (good example being mounts), and then being in a deadlock of no one greeding until someone else has. This happened once on the ZA Bear Run (Cataclysm). We got there with plenty of time, got the deadlock, i clicked Greed out of respect for the agreement and a second later, one of the others, who just so happened to be in there as a guild group, clicked need.

    I hate to view them through this stereotype, but it turned out they were all Swedish. It's really nothing personal against them, but i've not yet met any Swede in WoW who's actually been a genuinely honest and decent player (and by decent, i don't refer to skill, but phrase it similar to "a decent human being"). I've "met" plenty out of game (social networking and such), even several through this very site who have been absolutely fantastic people. But when it comes to WoW, yeah, the Swedish kinda ruined my perspective of "trying to be nice", or even trying to be rational and going along with the agreements. Another example of a guild group from Sweden was where the rogue kept deciding to put markers on everyone. I asked him politely not to, but he carried on. I asked him again, and still he continued. I threatened to report him if he carried on, he laughed and continued. Unfortunately for them, i was the healer and this was Durnholde, so Thrall was long gone from his cage before they got up there to unlock it (and thus they couldn't continue their precious little quest). They left shortly afterwards. Retaliation for being an asshat really, and i wouldn't have done that if he'd just stopped when asked, or never started in the first place. Again, they were Swedish, so it sort of reinforced my "I don't give a shit about you. Act like a twat and i'm gonna treat you like one" view.

    That doesn't mean i haven't met people from other countries who've done the same or worse, but it seems more often than not, they'll mention or have mentioned prior that they're from Sweden (usually when someone asks just out of curiosity). It's nothing personal, i just can't help but hope they'll actually be different and not turn out to be an ass in the end.

    Back on topic, i need or pass. There is no greed unless it's an item i need for an alt but it's of the wrong armor type (such as at lower levels where itemization is a lot less free). I'd expect other people to do the same. The only time i go against this is when the rest of the group have actually proven they're also fine with need/greed/pass being used as it was intended (usually, you can tell after the first few green drops or the first boss). I'll pass if someone else really needs and it's just an unsure decision for me, but if we both need, i'll encourage them to and then say gz if they get it. I generally pass on lockboxes as i can't be bothered to get them unlocked (and i could never be bothered to level my rogues lockpicking or such).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Yeah i once got 3 more lockboxes from a single lockbox. It was pretty amazing
    The current record in my guild is 7 in a row.

    When I Lockpick for people I always sneak a peak in the box and if there is a lock box in it, just pick that one and give them the new one (keeping the gold from the first).

    What can I say? My goblin rogue is a thief

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    I wait until I see if everyone else has needed or greeded and do the same. If some tool needs on something like a lockbox, I'll need as well.

    Was in LFR a few days ago and one out of 25 people "needed" on a lockbox. Subsequently, that guy got kicked from the raid.

    Don't know what to tell you. Maybe in your circle of friends it's common. When I run LFD and LFR, people almost always greed on all greens including lockboxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    I frequently tank on my paladin to get off spec gear and to get the satchel of exotic mysteries. (i have found several rare mini pets, and also the green proto drake from this bag).

    Anyway, whenever I tank a dungeon, for various reasons, I always always hit "need" whenever i see a Ghost Iron Lockbox drop.

    Ghost Iron Lockbox

    Would you consider this a "ninja"? I dont think it is because of the ability to need in the first place, and in cross realm dungeons, usually everyone hits need anyway. Do you usually hit need on items like this?
    I also tank on my monk, while healing is my Mainspec to get the satchels and the money making pets haha. But as far as the lockboxes go it's not like they drop AMAZING loot. so nah, go ahead and need away. I'll just make sure to need as well when i see you in a 5 man ;D

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    I usually pass on those They usually either end up rotting in my bank or getting vendored. Better to just let someone who may actually bother to open it take it.

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    In all fairness? Yes, it's ninjaing. In my eyes? Eh, I'm a blacksmith who can open them. Rogues can open them. I think these people should be able to roll need, but not anyone who can't open them on the character they are playing.

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    You know, I havent seen anyone hit need on those in a long time, I hit greed on that and the greens that drop if we dont have a d/e and while i dont think its being a ninja, I think its a douche bag move..

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    I don't even know anymore.
    I'm not sure why they even have the need option available. It should just be greed or pass for a lockbox.
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    Like with the Battered Hilt, and other expensive/rare items that drop that are classless, you normally roll need on. You do this for protection, as too many will automatically roll need anyway. Rest assured you may get bothered to no end for the item if you win (I wish folks would just stop the harassment over loot, be it in dungeons and's not like they'll never see another one again).
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    To actually Ninja something, you have to have control of the masterloot, or straight up take it off the boss if its on free for all. If its a roll its never "Ninja" looting people just call it that cause they dont actually know what it is, kind of like "troll".

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    Since rogues dont need lockboxes to skill anything anymore i think everyone can need lockboxes imo
    Quote Originally Posted by Runecapeman
    I try not to post anywhere anymore, due to fear of being infracted. Feels like there are too many mods that aren't screened well enough. "Dirty cops" if you will.

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    It's a ninja and I would probably vote kick you. Just like I vote kick all the brazilians needing on greens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    To actually Ninja something, you have to have control of the masterloot, or straight up take it off the boss if its on free for all. If its a roll its never "Ninja" looting people just call it that cause they dont actually know what it is, kind of like "troll".
    Having master loot gives you the right to take anything that would be why it is called master loot, and well free for all is pretty self explanatory as well.

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