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    depending on wether that dps/tank/healer whatever responds to the battle res or just waits until the whipe happens or the mobs / boss is down. Usually i just res them up straight away no matter if it lowers my dps for 1.5 of a second. Id like to think people would do the same for me so i can get back in on the action!

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    Battle rez takes only max 2 globals worth of time. A live raid member will do more damage than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthoxxx View Post
    Battle rez takes only max 2 globals worth of time. A live raid member will do more damage than that
    For me one global.

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    If someone dies, we Combat Ress them instantly, no matter who they are. If they continually fail, we just refuse to ress them and save it for later.

    In this case, it takes very little time to do, and while it is a DPS loss, it is better to get your raid sorted then your personal DPS.

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    If you think one GCD worth of damage isn't worth getting that person up, kick them out of your raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlzone View Post
    This is just so wrong. During those cooldowns you will have ps procs ready (means instant ress from cat form) and all you'd be able to do is one more ravage for about 160-210k damage if it's in the beginning of the fight. As long as you dont have something like tiger's fury and an agi trinket proc running out and have not applied rip... [shouldnt happen] you should cast the ress immedeately. If you do you can apply rip and then ress afterwards. Dont wait something like 30 seconds for ressing somebody cause you have your cooldowns up. A single gcd (or 1.5 sec as moonkin) does not mean a giant difference in dps. -karl
    In the end, the point was that 'everyone' can battle-res nowadays, and there is even a limit on it per encounter...

    In other words; when popping CD's --> DPS on and let someone else res the guy.

    Don't get me wrong though. I personally res someone the instant they die, sort of a habit.

    Oh and uhmm; -Lashed

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    Battle rez right away.

    There's a very small chance that you'll be able to do enough damage to cover a 10th person being dead for 15-20 seconds. Even though it looks good on your numbers.
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