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    I quit two days ago. *scratches wrists*

    Hey guys. I quit the game two days ago and figured since part of the reason I quit was community, why not join it in a different way.

    So what are you guys enjoying and disliking about the current set up of World of Warcraft.

    Type along, I'll keep my opinion about the game out of this and ask question to help progress ideas about changes in the game.


    Please do not make such vague threads, you have a full forum to participate in, there is more than enough places to share opinions. As well, 'I quit threads' doesn't support an overall base of wanting to share with the community. Locked the thread, though you are welcome to follow the forum threads that carry a topic of your liking.

    - Gehco
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    Your comment's pretty broad - just about every thread in this and the WoD forum is about what people enjoy and dislike. Dive in and enjoy!

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    Front page is littered with opinions. Pick a thread and join us. Seems like the only purpose for this was to let us know you quit.

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