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  • Don't like them. The Mantid are bad and you should feel bad.

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  • Impartial, more fodder for loot.

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  • Decent solid race, good villains. No more after Heart of Fear though.

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  • 10/10 would join the swarm.

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    Mantid appreciation thread.

    You know what? I fucking love the mantid. They're one of the most intriguing races Blizzard have implemented not only into WoW but into warcafts history. I've always had a soft spot for these insectoid like races nerubians, aqir the silithid all great and they all make amazing villains. Few scarier things in the world than giant, killer intelligent bugs, bugs that build citadels and mobilize armies.

    But the mantid are a cut above in my opinion, the paragons are awesome, the Klaxxi are awesome their history of regular Pandaren and Mogu slaughter is awesome. And with the fact that the Klaxxi openly admitting to serving and would probably serve an old god leaves the "good" mantid's motives in question. The little bits and pieces of the races history is badass and I hope there's more after The Heart of Fear, not immediately but somewhere down the line. What are the your thoughts on The Mantid?

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    Your gods are not your gods, outsider.
    It's one of best fractions in the game for sure, if you don't agree you haven't been paying attention.

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    I found the whole Klaxxi/Mantid storyline to be one of the best, if not the best, that was ever created in the warcraft universe. I didn't read any spoilers on them, and I'm not exalted yet, so I'm doing their dailies, not because of the VP/charms but because I actually want to know how the story ends

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    Full agree with OP.

    Would love to see the paragons return in future expansions so I can extend my services to them. Although they are bugs, I feel connected to them as probably a lot of players are. This is what the game needs. Lore characters that people feel connected to, that can build a story where our heroes have their part in.

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    Anybody elese excited for "The Wakener" title next patch? I sure as hell am!

    Oh and I prefer the klaxxi over the corrupted swarm.
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    I am surprise that I have not heard more appreciation for the Klaxxi. Legendary storyline and reminded me of The Matrix. Would love to see more of them in the future.

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    I love the Mantid, it is sad that I cannot see any way for them to stay relevant after MoP ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    I love the Mantid, it is sad that I cannot see any way for them to stay relevant after MoP ends.
    Well im sure they already said they would be siding with the old gods. So they might unfortunately end up becoming trash in a raid.

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    The Mantid are my favourite of the new races. They are ancient, proud, powerful, and wise. A strong but caring race beset by horrible tragedy but determined to fight against it even with odds stacked against them. They are a race I'd love to see them carry on beyond Pandaria and become an ally of other races in Azeroth's inevitable future conflicts against that which would see it destroyed. This is based on the Klaxxi and Paragons, not the corrupted swarm, ofc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremonger View Post
    Well im sure they already said they would be siding with the old gods. So they might unfortunately end up becoming trash in a raid.
    Mantid aren't slaves though, they have free will, and see what destruction the Sha brought to their world. Considering how beneficial we lesser mortals were with helping the Klaxxi, it'd be nice to see them reciprocate. Maybe Im just a little too optimistic, I really enjoyed the lore.

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    I hate how the exalted quest just sends you under the tree and he talks about how they worship the old gods and you better too if you know whats good for you, and then it just ends. They don't explain whats down their or why the need to even take that walk in the first place, he coulda just pulled us aside and whispered that to us.

    I assume that The eggs in there are queen eggs in stasis or something but it was just lame the way they tell you how they are gonna reveal everything and all you get is: You better worship the "true gods" of this planet if you know whats good for you! and Hey! look at this small room!

    Also I'm pretty sure people are blowing the whole, " your gods are not your gods" thing out of proportion, I'm sure its more like a, "This is the Old Gods planet bitch, join or eventually die" and not a "titans are the real evil!" like some people are making it out to be.

    I really like the Klaxxi overall tho, and really like their skills and appearance.

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    when they ever make a warcraft 4 there better be mantid in it, cause they're just far too awesome too ignore.

    i love the fact their an evil faction even if you help them out.
    yeah you helped us and we liked that, but we go our own way and if we stand agianst each other we will cut you down like any other opponent. love that attitude so refreshing from all the normal factions that then always consider you as a friend

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    Even though im not a big fan of preying mantises or wasps

    I must admit the lore behind the Mantid is interesting and refreshing but i sometimes wonder why i bother to help them its as if they make it perfectly clear to you that as soon as we have defeated the emperess they will go back to doing what they do best and thats killing any non mantid

    i wonder if it would be better if we just let the mantid kill each other in a civil war than get involved

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    Good race but they cannot be expanded upon until Blizzard gets the freaking playable races upto date.

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    I'm ready to swarm!

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    I hope all the Klaxxi get killed by Shek'zeer's armies.
    Seriously... i've gone through all the quests, reached exalted, witnessed the secret of Klaxxi'vess and all they can say is:

    -"What makes you think i'll sell something to you?"
    -"Feed my Kunchong or i'll make sure he eats you"
    Screw them already. I'd have loved Azjol-nerub to be a zone, a faction, something more than two istances. But mantids...
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    i hate them any everything to do with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i hate them any everything to do with them.
    Why? /charasd
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    I genuinely desire for them to be a playable race

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    I find the mantid to be thousand times more interesting than the pandaren. Give me my "Wakener" title.

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