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    MMO survey

    Hi! I'm running a survey on MMO socialization (or lack thereof) at University of Michigan, and I'm inviting anyone who has played MMOs at least 30 days to participate. The survey can be found here: Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software

    Compensation: I'll randomly select 10 people for a $20 Amazon gift card. Be sure to fill in the text at the end so I can contact you. I will close the survey once enough data is gathered. It will likely take from 15-20 minutes to complete.

    All answers will be kept confidential. You can skip any questions you aren't comfortable answering though. If you change your mind later and want your data withheld, please send a PM by November 10.

    On a personal note, I've played MMOs for a while now, casually these days due to time constraints, but I was definitely a hardcore gamer in the past. I take a deep interest in motivations for playing and social dynamics in the games. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!

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    Answered it, good luck with your survey.
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    Done and done, too bad the survey made me realize what a little bitch I am even in-game.
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    Done! Good luck with the survey =)

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    Answered it, good survey.

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    Done! Good luck friend!

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    Done ^^

    Another ten letters..

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    OK, gift cards have gone out to emails (check inbox and spam folder) and survey is closed. If I get additional funding I may send more cards. Thanks to all who participated!

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    I wanted to do it for fun
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