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    Unhappy downloaded wrong client do i have to re-download?

    i downloaded the US client thinking it was EU client, and after 6 hrs waiting for the download to finish i realized i downloaded the wrong client

    is there a way to play EU servers without having to re-download everything again? like downloading a small sized file that would switch it to be EU client? i dunno please help? >_<

    thanks for reading

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    Can't u just change realmlist file?
    Like this. http://www.wowwiki.com/Realmlist.wtf

    But wait for other responses. I don't know if it don't break TOS/EULA
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    i dont know, if its possible can u please tell me how? thanks for replying

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    You'll need to download the correct client. Changing the files can cause problems with the client afaik.

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