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    Mages after patch PVP!!

    Im thinking to make a toon mage im playing dk now and im a pvp player. And can u tell me cuz i dont know much of mages how much will this nerf affect them. Is it worth to make a new toon mage or its better to make other class.

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    I could troll you, but for once I'll give my honest opinion.
    Mage will be fine even after patch, but neither will it be the best nor the easiest to play PvP class, it depends on what kind of PvP you do.
    For random BG and even RBG, Mage is a quite solid choice. For arenas, especially 3v3, Mage will have decent combos, but will be countered hard as well.

    The coming nerfs are going to adress warrior and hunter, which is quite good and will break their dominance, at least BM hunters are going from hero to zero, warriors should still be fine. What really is going to get crazy is feral druids, they are (too) good right now and will be even better if warriors become CC-able once again. Also frost DKs will be very popular, as they are doing quite good right now and which warrior nerf they "lose" one of their hardcounterclasses again.

    So maybe just stay with DK and look for a feral for a melee cleave and you will be fine.

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    Yea hope that dk's will get good. Things i like to play is random bg and 2v2 mybe ill start 3v3 but im not really sure. The thing is i dont want to start feral dudu i want to make a caster or a healer and i cant really decide

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    They're fun now and they'll be fun after the patch. We have two viable PvP specs, with a bit different strengths depending on your playstyle. As always, we have pretty solid control and very nice on demand burst. It does take a bit of set up though, and Frost feels quite different from many other specs in the game, so if you're not blown away by it immediately, practice a bit.

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