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    [A] - 10m - 3/6 - LF - Priest / Shammy - Kel'Thu

    Are you a serious WoW player who is sick of zerg / anonymous / elitist guilds ?
    Do you want to see all the raid content with a small group of solid players ?

    We are currently running MV with 9 guildies and need a 10th to finalize the main roster and make our 6/6 push either this week or next. We do progression on Saturday afternoons and once MV is cleared will be moving it to a second raid day, to be determined.

    That 10th main raid slot must be a healer with a good DPS off spec -- comfortable and happy to do either depending on the situation.

    The core of our guild is three people who have been playing together, running various types of guilds on many different servers and both factions since before AQ was end game. Over that many years we have seen our friends drift to other hobbies / careers / relationships. With MoP here we decided to make new connections and new friends to share Pandaria with. So far it has been a huge success and the guild is full of great people and great times.

    What we are looking to create is a small guild of mature gamers. We would rather have only 8-12 friends online than 50 strangers. We are a guild that knows each other well, a guild that can make even the 100,000th WSG game or the 5th hour in a raid fun and full of banter.

    The ideal person to join us is;
    [ul]Mid 20s or older
    has a day job
    has a partner who plays as well
    logs ~15-20 hours of play time a week
    enjoys battlegrounds, heroics, challenge mode dungeons
    not afraid to joke around in guild chat
    not intimidated by Canadians[/ul]

    People who would have more fun in a different guild;
    [ul]anyone looking for free things
    anyone who enjoys having 200 people online in the guild at once
    anyone who needs to measure their epeen every few minutes
    anyone that needs to clear all hardmodes to feel like they have progressed
    people who are too special to help a guildy with a quest, achievement, craft combine, ect[/ul]

    For more information please look for me online on either 'Fitsi" or 'Tinybits'

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    bump, bump it up

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    join us for our upcoming full MV clear

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