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    2 Healers LFG 470 Monk 470 Druid [Package]

    Hi everyone.

    A friend and I are both healers looking for a progression guild. (470 Monk myself, I can go on my 469 Holy Priest as well. Friend of course being on 470 Restoration Druid) Our recent guild had a fallout with leadership and the server itself has been dead for quite sometime. We are looking for an afternoon/night raiding guild (Preff- Friday/Sat/Sunday and EST)but can manage either way. Can make most days.

    I have been playing since 2005. My friend since 2007. We're both good players but were forced to take it slow at launch of xpac.

    Thank you

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    Hey Immortal,

    My guild <Shady Shenanigans> is currently recruiting for progression raiding. We are a late night raiding guild on its permanent home on Gul'dan and I have a couple options you could possibly be a part of (we have a core progression team in need of a heals ASAP!).

    Below are the competitive raid teams and their times.

    Team DisneyLandPimpz(10 man):
    This is our late night weekly 10man group. Raid times are...
    9pm-12am (CST) on Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday nights.
    (This would be 10pm-1am EST or 7pm-10pm PST).

    When it comes to our PROGRESSION raid teams, we expect our raiders to be knowledgeable, experienced and prepared. We only want top players for our progression teams. So must be competitive and strive for not only server firsts but our goal is to reach top 100 in world or better. Not only do we compete with those outside the guild, but we're also friendly competitive within guild.

    Please don't contact me about any of our progression raid teams if you don't have experience or don't understand the difference between progression raiding versus casual raiding. We don't want to teach people from scratch in these teams. We also have a casual and alt team in guild if you aren't able to be a part of the progression groups.

    If you are interested in any of these times please contact me:
    Real-ID: shadyshen ( at ) yahoo (dot) com
    Battle-ID: jlastevens#1525
    Website: shadyshenanigans (dot) enjin (dot) com

    Thanks, and gluck to your search in finding a guild for MoP
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    Recruiting for g2

    Faction: Horde
    Raid Group: 10 Man
    Current Progression: (6/6, 4/6)
    Raid Schedule G1: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:45-11:00 PM EST (not recruiting)
    Raid Schedule G2: Saturday/Sunday (8pm - 11pm) (recruiting healers)
    Raid Schedule G3: Sundays, Thursdays 12AM-3AM (recruiting ranged dps)

    About Us:

    One Shot or DC is a guild formed on the basis of getting things done while still maintaining a life outside the game. Most of us are adults that have families and jobs/other responsibilities to keep us busy when not gaming. Because of our limited raid schedule we expect members to be able to "turn it on" so to speak when the situation calls for it. We love joking around and having fun but there is a time and place for it. Know the difference.

    Raid attendance - We try to keep our roster as lean as possible to avoid members sitting. If you can not make 90% of our raids this may not be the guild you are looking for. If you are unable to attend a raid we ask that you notify an officer or post on our forums to let us know. We all understand stuff happens and it will not be possible 100% of the time but you get the idea.

    Applications are not required. This is not a job. We can figure out pretty quickly if you will be a good fit in the guild.

    Contact Cuppee, Beergasm, Wocka or papilindo.

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    I'm not going to post some generic template response---it doesnt reflect the type of guild we are. I'd rather you add my battletag so we can chat: HeatM1ser#1923

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatM1ser View Post
    I'm not going to post some generic template response---it doesnt reflect the type of guild we are. I'd rather you add my battletag so we can chat: HeatM1ser#1923
    Just added

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    Still filling out applications at the moment.

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    add me on battle.net would love to chat. battletag is House#1153

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    Hey Immortal!
    Your package is exactly what we need!

    <Neckbeard Excursion>
    We are a former top 50 US 10 Man guild focused on hardcore progression that has been together for roughly 3 years. Raids are 4-5 days a week(Depending on state of progression) from 8:00 Pm- 11:00 PM EST(Sun-Thurs) on Earthen Ring(Horde).

    - Ranked #99 US 10 Man Guild according to Guidox
    - Ranked#154 in US 25+10 Progress
    - Ranked first on Earthen Ring.
    - Cleared 6/6 N first week of Mogu.
    - Currently 2/6 Heroic Mogu.
    - Currently 4/6 of HOF

    What we expect from you:
    - Near 100% attendance, this is not a bench spot. if you don't show up, we don't progress.
    - Positive attitude towards wiping, it happens/Man up for own mistakes.
    - Able to live in an adult oriented vent

    What you can expect from us:
    - Take server firsts and compete for high rankings
    - Give you a fair shot
    - Replace people in the raid who suck

    We do skype interveiws! No typing stupid pointless long applicaions!
    If you have ANY interest/questions please contact me(or anyone listed below) or post and we can talk.
    My battletag: Deshawnjones#1258
    Another person you can talk to if I am not online: Kraks#1288, Rezi#1797

    If on Earthen ring: Message or mail Kraks/Cowchi/Rezi
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