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    Go Saints Go!!!

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    i'm with ya zips! love the saints

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    You people and your sports lol

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    Man them Texans are doing good this year. ;P

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    I was actually trying to be funny, but the frenchy fails miserabelly ;p

    how the heck am i suppose to write this word

    God job on boss #2 in HoF last night, tuesday with got garalon, ill prolly dual heal with sam...

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    Garalon's time is limited
    Guatama - Enhancement
    Slowbrah - Retribution/Holy
    Jamespage - Demonology PVP
    Evocati (H - Zul'jin) is recruiting for 25 man.
    Visit our website to apply.

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    Not just Garalon my friend, I want HoF cleared

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    Heroic Feng better watch his p's and q's too.

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    Bumping for servers going up

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    lol, I'll tell you what's going up. Wait, scratch that, possible innuendo

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    oh god. you hung out with someone too long

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    Hey guys, I've been dabbling on the idea of returning to this game after a break of my since-vanilla-subscription. Your guild struck me as perfect to get back into it since I've much more of a life than when I did at 18 with no work/school playing for 14-18 hours a day. I was wondering if you'd consider accepting me either on my shaman (ele experience), warrior (prot/dps exp), or even my hunter (limited raiding exp). I'd have to get back into the swing of things such as having to level, gear out, xfer servers, etc and am mainly wondering if all of you would have the patience/need for someone such as myself.

    Back in the day I'd spend tons of time researching strats to encounters, playing with simulators and lurking on forums such as elitist jerks and arena junkies to absorb all the information I can. In doing so, I managed to secure a raiding spot in a decent 25man during TBC as a ret pally (which as you may know were *very* few and far between during TBC) where we did all of SSK/TK/Bt/Hyjal before they removed the attunement systems and a little bit of sunwell before wrath came out. I returned to school so my raiding was pretty well limited to pugs, a late-night 10man guild and arenas. During cata I was pretty casual until I returned to my old roots from TBC and did 6/7 heroic firelands which was fairly fun only for the guild to fall apart leading to my quitting of WoW.

    Right now, I mostly am playing DotA2 and a little bit of Planetside2, 24 years old with plenty of drive, microphone and although I'm fairly quiet on mumble/ts/vent, I do make sure to send out information that the raid is missing.

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    I would certainly be willing to talk to you about it and see if we could find a fit. If you visit the website and create an account feel free to message/IM me and we can discuss some options and see if it's a fit before you xfer or anything drastic. Naturally we'd need to see what your performance looked like on any of these toons before offering a trial/raid spot and you'd be required to go through the same application procedure as anyone else.

    Ceronys? Thoughts?

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    I think we are in need of dps! Where are you????

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    Yes almost there. Dps lets go.

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    The healing team is almost complete, we need a resto sham + resto druid.

    You will be working with skilled Monk, shammy, priest, pally

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    Fixed and fixed again

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    tomorrow is thursday! nooo! its so long until tuesday once thursday is over.

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    lol, I going to have a rough thursday night let me tell you. Finish raid, and then I get drive north up to the Bay Area so I can make muster Friday morning O.o Many, many energy drinks in my future.

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    Energy drinks make me sick

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