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    This "free" model is GREAT!!!

    I am pretty glad to see a lot of the things they are doing with the F2P model.

    As a loyal subscriber and someone who has enjoyed the game since beta, I'm glad that people who choose to not pay for anything are not going to enjoy the freedom and experience in the same way I do. It really makes me feel like I'm getting something I paid for. And it's not that I want those people to suffer, I'm just glad that remaining a subscriber actually means something, and that there is a "full" realization of the game that I will get to experience.

    I'm also glad that many of the restrictions included in the F2P model will assist greatly in many "quality of life" things for full subscribers. Things like disallowing General Chat spamming by not allowing people to flood, not allowing the same flooding of the GTN, and using safeguards in the mail, companion questing, and the GTN components will undoubtedly cut way way down on illicit gold selling and economy abuse. I would hate to have my experience that has been overall good since beta to be abused by people once F2P opens just "because they can" and because they are looking to cause trouble and/or grief current players.

    If people TRULY want to get a full experience out of the game, and use these options, all they need to do is be a full subscriber anyways. For most people, dedicating $15 to the game monthly means there will be a greater deterrence to botting, spamming, or otherwise cheating which could result in a ban and loss of playtime or a character or account. I know I certainly feel that way.

    All of the rest of the F2P "restrictions" seem to be very trivial, with the exception of maybe the FP/WZ/Ops quotas. It would probably be nice for people to be able to run those as much as they want, but hey, I'm not complaining one bit because I am a subscriber and plan to continue that as long as I am around.

    I love that my subscription still means something, and that hopefully others will be encouraged to subscribe once they see how good the game is and can be. I just hope that there is no "nickel-and-dimeing" of the subscribers, because that would be unfortunate... but at the time there is no indication of that happening for anything other than cosmetics anyways.

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