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    Cartel Items

    Here are the new cartel shop items:

    Plenty to criticize. Biggest issue I see:

    Access Authorization: Section X 600 per character, 1350 for entire account
    Journey to Section X, a previously-untouched area of Belsavis. Uncover the ancient weapon of the Dread Master’s servants are searching for and secure or destroy it!
    Grant access to new area, Section X
    Acquire a new companion, the droid HK-51
    Section X is a level 50 area

    Aka there is new content you have to pay to see and it just so happens that the entire account cost is about the number of coins subscribers have racked up. Not impressed.

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    There are plenty of other threads within this sub-forum containing details about the F2P model. Just a quick look at the first page gives a couple threads alone.

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