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    Normal Will of the Emperor 10-Man - Need some tips

    Hello MMO-Champion community, yesterday we tried Will of the Emperor for about an hour, best try was 8% with 10secs left for Bloodust and in the 4th and last titan gas, Icy Veins guide was outdated, that's why we were lusting at the very begining of the fight... but anyway, my comp is:

    -Guardian druid - Tank
    -Prot Warrior - Tank
    -Restoration druid - Healer
    -Holy Paladin - Healer
    -Disc Priest - Healer
    -Affliction Lock
    -Shadow Priest
    -Fire Mage
    -Fury Warrior
    -Sub Rogue

    Fury Warrior was offtanking the Emperor's Strength adds. We have no healing issues until the last Titan Gas (4th), that's why i'm thinking about using lust on the first gas to gain a lot more DPS with cooldowns or save it for the last one, just to burn the bosses. Any advice to make the fight easier please? BTW, our mage is doing low DPS (30-40k approx), which specc is better? Fire or Frost? Thanks in advance.

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    My groups mage was struggling on this fight as we were learning it as well. As for the spec, i can't really say. Fire has better multi dotting potential, but i think frost would do much better on target swapping.

    As for the fight itself though, try 2 healing if one of your healers can switch.. It makes everything so much smoother.

    What my group did to down it in about 3 attempts was, we switched to 2 healing, and allowed our rogue to stay on the boss full time. So if you have a melee dps that's really good at the dance it's fine to have them full time on boss. We found it best to leave lust for the final gas phase. Letting the fury warrior tank the strength is exactly what we did, works really well.

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    We found the best thing to do is try and make sure your getting as much dps on the bosses with dots as possible while dealing with the adds between gasses. We originally were lusting on the last Titan phase for our first kill, but as we started keeping more uptime on the boss we don't even hit that phase anymore so pop it on whatever gas we are on when the boss hits 30%.

    Your lock and Spreist should have great fun multidotting everything they can get near. Are you getting the adds down fast enough? How are the tanks doing with the dodging? This fight is really about staying in control of everything and getting as much dps on the boss between gas phases without losing control of the adds.

    My entire guild hates this fight but I love it simply because it feels great to know you've controlled an entire fight to get a kill!

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    We lust on the last gas. Also, it depends a lot on your tanks.. if they dodge everything and gets opportunistic strikes going every combo, theyll be top dps.

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    If you want to do this fight with 2 healer I suggest you to have plate dps on Emperor's Strenght(oh you already have it). Your add priority will be Courage > Rage > Str because Str do so little damage to raid when he does not target the raid.

    When the last phase begin you should not atk the add anymore someone should kite them add other dps burn the boss down.
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    My guild 2 heals this as well. We also keep 1 melee dps on the boss almost full time, while all the other dps focus the adds. When the courage spawns, our one melee pulls off the boss and then goes and helps clean up adds. This usually ensures that all the adds are dead for the titan gas phase, really helps with both healing and dps on the boss. In addition, our two tanks are pretty good at the dance so they do very well both in contributing dps and reducing the healing they require.

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    Our mage wound up going frost for this, and he did quite well, and had boatloads of control for the little adds. Also, psyfiend works great for CC'ing the little ones. We 2-healed it as well (I went shadow, normally disc), and just blew off-healing CD's for titan gas (Cascade and glyphed VE).

    Don't be afraid to CC the small adds if they come out at an inopportune time.

    One thing that gets overlooked I;d say is your tanks dodging. Our tanks (combined) did almost 15M damage using the opportunity strikes alone, and avoiding the armor debuff makes the healers lives so much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xagonyx View Post
    BTW, our mage is doing low DPS (30-40k approx), which specc is better? Fire or Frost? Thanks in advance.
    Bossdps is heavily dependant on melees/tanks there. Ranges should primarily focus on the adds which does nothing on how long the fight goes. How well did the melees and tanks do with the dancing? That's what I would first look into.

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    Is it normal for my mage to be doing 28 million less damage than the other casters (Lock and shadow priest)? He's fire specc'ed.

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