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    balance Gems (int vs secondary stats)

    So I've been looking around and there seems to be a split mind on which gems are the best to use for the yellow and blue sockets.

    Some say go for 160 spirit + 160 crit for yellow and blue, others say go for 80int+160spirit for blue and 80int+160 crit for yellow.

    I've read the stickies and they say go for the secondary stat ones, but a lot of top druids seem to be just going for the int/spirit and int/crit ones =( Even in yellow sockets I've seen them put intel/crit in there rather than 320 crit.

    (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...mkins/advanced for example)

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    I'm kind of wondering if people are just having trouble letting go of the idea that intellect isn't on top. It's seems contrary to what I'm reading here.

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    lappe uses straight crit, bushino and zoomkins use int and int/crit, other top parsing moonkin are using a mix of the two..... generally speaking, i think "go with a gearing strategy and stick with it" is the right answer. it all works.

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    I think people are just having trouble grasping the fact that secondary stat gemming is more proficient than gemming straight intellect for example, people are still in the mindset of cataclysm. For me personally, I gem the following (after the 5273 haste breakpoint)
    Meta: Burning primal diamond
    Red: Int/ Crit
    Yellow: Crit
    Blue: Int/spirit | Int/ hit

    I sometimes switch out a +320 crit gem for a +320 haste gem, etc in case I need to reach the 5273 breakpoint.

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    I'm gemming straight crit and a few mastery gems to keep them balanced, over int gems. I've been trying this out, even though I can easily reach the haste point of 5.2k, I go for low haste with high crit/mastery. It was suggested to me by Glace, and I notice a few others doing the same. It's been working out great http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alisa/advanced
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