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    Just before MoP release, about 2 weeks or so, I told myself that I wanted to stick to only ONE character in MoP. A main character which felt like 'home' for me, that this characer is the one I have a good grip on.
    In Cataclysm I had 9/10 level 85's and noone of these characters felt any special for me, just my Feraldruid that I managed to do some DS HC on, but I still wasnt stuck to that particular character.

    However, on MoP release day I wanted a character that I've played alot to be my main and I chose my DK which I've been playing on alot since Wotlk release, I felt like it's a class I know alot about (tanking) and had fun with.
    I achieved level 90, had alot of fun doing HC's, dailies and ended up doing some normal MSV raiding with pugs. (I really can't have a raiding guild, irl times won't let me)
    The next week after MSV release, I felt like: "I want to level a new character, this one feels like 'meh' right now." So I leveled my rogue, was superexcited about level 90 and to play a pure dps class.
    At level 90 it was the same thing again: HC's, dailies, MSV norm. Then I felt the same and leveled up a new, which was a warlock this time.
    Same stuff again with the warlock at level 90. And now 3 days ago I took level 90 with my Prot Paladin, now I'm almost full HC geared and I feel like leveling another (AGAIN).

    Each time I'm leveling a character I'm superexcited about level 90, it have felt everytime that "This can possibly be my main.". Now I'm considering leveling a 5th character but I really don't want to, but it also feels like this new character will be alot of fun in level 90.

    I hope you get it. I'm in need of some help, what should I do to stick to a single character instead of leveling new alts all the time?
    It's getting on my nerves, any help is apperciated.
    Is there anyone out there feeling the same? Lemme hear your opinions.

    TLDR is in boldtext.

    (Sorry for my English)
    Having the same problems, i even buy stuff like tabard of the lightbringer etc. for my "main" so i'll stick to him, but i never find one class i enjoy, and i wish i would since keeping the same one is what gets you the best gear, such as full melevolent in pvp :P

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    I am on the same boat you. However my mage have been my main since the beginning of TBC. That is just MY class but I really want a second "main". I have like 8 level 80-85 or something but I just can't choose betweem them.
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    Back in vanilla when it was much harder to find the time to raid (because raids generally took about 8 hours) I found myself in a similar situation. I found levelling up a fun experience but because of time restrictions at "end-game", I never really stuck to a single character and ended up just levelling another one.

    Unless you can find a guild that raids at times that are good for you, you are probably never going to stick with one character and just find yourself repeating the same menial dailies / dungeons from a slightly different perspective each time

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    son you are a altaholic embrace it, like me
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Same here, altoholic to the bone.
    Althi this time i'm gonna wait untill they fix the rep grind a little so i can gear the alts for some alt raiding.
    Why would you want to stick to one char if you can choose from 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typhod View Post
    That's exactly the problem. I've enjoyed all of them alot until I played with them for a week or so.
    Play the one you like best, druid might be a good idea since you can do all styles of combat and switch between them accordingly if you get tired of him other than that my advice to make it more fun would be to play less, if you don't feel like playing your druid don't play it's very easy to burn out and kill the fun with too many alts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Typhod View Post
    That's exactly the problem. I've enjoyed all of them alot until I played with them for a week or so.
    Then maybe you need to play different specializations... the most common/easy specs are mostly boring, so you should try the other specs even if they are not "best dps spec" remember the game is meant for you to have fun, even if you dont top the dps charts.

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