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    Soloing Old Content

    I'm creating this thread to ask what the best classes for soling old content are and what each is capable of. I'm looking to level a new toon and I want to be able to solo old content for xmog/mount runs. I'm aware that DKS are probably the best, but where are they on the scale, and what are the other classes capable of compared to them? Thanks!

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    Most classes can do it, Pallys are pretty decent with selfless healer talent and Lay on hands/bubble.

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    Hunter and DK are the best. Haven't seen other classes soloing Algalon for example.

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    DK's, hunters and now warlocks.

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    I've seen a DK do all the Ulduar 10m HM (glory of the Ulduar Raider) and LK, I'm thinking more along those lines than stuff like MC/kara, etc that pretty much anyone can do

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    DK is top. Hunter is the next best solo class.

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