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    Random crashes to white screen

    Well I've tried searching this several times and it's hard to really find an article that's dealing with my exact problem, so I'm here to see if anyone may know what this problem is and how I might solve it.


    It only happens on pretty rare occasions, but it's just started recently (in the last week), and it only happens while gaming. First it started happening while playing Planetside2, figured maybe too much graphical overload at random points is causing the crash. However, now even while playing League of Legends it's happening in random intervals.

    What is happening is my monitors (running dual monitor) will completely blank out to a white screen and will stay this way til I hit the reset button. My sound will also glitch out with whatever was happening in the background and keep playing the one soundbyte in an incredibly annoying fashion until I reset.

    Some of my searches have led me to believe it's windows explorer crashing but I have no way to confirm or deny this.

    I'm using an asus p8p68 Mobo
    15-2500k (OC to 4 GHz)
    NVidia 560 ti (stock speeds)
    700 W PSU

    Some other searches have led me to believing it might be temp issues from overclocking, but I've ran real temp while gaming and my temps never spike higher than 55-60 across all cores. I even lowered my OC from 4.4 to 4.0 GHz.

    If there's any other information needed let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    -Why not try turning off OC entirely? Just to rule out that as the issue.
    -Have you run a ram test? Have you tried individual ram sticks in different slots?
    -Would you consider a format/reinstall?
    -Are your video drivers updated?

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    -Might do that if I can find no other reasonable solutions/reasons/fixes
    -Not sure how to run a ram test. Never had an issue with the ram before, actually wasn't even really aware I could use my 2 ram sticks in different slots since they're in the correct slots already.
    -If absolutely necessary yes
    -Yes just updated a couple days ago after the problem started.

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    Turning off OC seems a simple and easy test, considering its all software and takes all of 1 minute. Maybe try that, first.

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    Dont change a thing, basically when it happens the next time take a note of the time and when you restart your computer click the search box, typye event viewer and run it. Then click Windows Logs > Application and there should be a timestamped error. Just match it with the time and it will tell you whats causing the issue
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    alright sounds good, i'll do that.

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    Well, did that, there's no timestampped error for the time that my last crash occured. There's a good number of entries for that minute but none of them are errors, a few of them are logging/recovery processes but that's it.

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