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    How Do You Break the Monotony in Many Achievements?

    For instance Archaeology or Nat Pagle reputation, or maybe even Pet Battles.

    I usually listen to v-logs on YouTube, or switch between them after an hour.
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    I personally dont care about achievements but if i would grind for them, i just would do them in max. 2 hours at one time.

    Usually i do most boring chores (like dailies where you dont need to fight) when exercising with stationary bicycle (sic?). Wireless keyboard etc.
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    For any grind, in any game, I always look to Mary Jane.

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    Doing them only in arena / rBG queues. Else i wouldn't even try them ...

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    I have a setup that includes two monitors, so when I grind out anything, I always have some sort of series or movie playing on my other screen.

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    Music, work to do, series. Prefer soap operas when it comes to fishing though, hard to not miss the catch...

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    What monotony? If the achievement comes in parts, I alternate between different achievements. So, I start one, start another, finish one, finish the other. I guess if I need to stand up, I'll go for a jog.

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    When farming reputation based achivements the best thing will always be to talk with a friend or two on skype Makes it alot easier.

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    Have something else to do at the same time, watch TV, talk with people over some kind of voice chat etc etc.

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    Just do them all day. In the end, numbness sets in and you cease to care.

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    Listen to let's plays or vlogs from the spoony one.

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    If its something you dislike such as arch or pet battles, do it only when your only other option is afking in Shrine or elsewhere. If you're never afk because you're always finding something to do, and you care about achievements, you'll have to find some time to go out of your way to do them. In that second case, do it in small bits.

    Maybe just do a few digsites, or 5 pet battles. Over time it'll all add up and you'll find yourself done with whatever you were working on.

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    Dual monitors or windowed mode + TV/movies. Only way to go
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    Depends on the achievement. If it is the mindless grind type (like Nat Pagle), then talking to people on skype is almost necessary.

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    I usually have music on. Helps immensely when you don't hear the same looped music over and over.

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    Music and food make the time go by. Chat as well.

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