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    A good place to get rift addons?

    I was curious if anyone knew of a good website to get rift addons. I know that Curse has them, but is there another website?

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    I found this, see if its what you like
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    As well. Curse client helps make sure they're up to date which is nice.

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    Curse has Rift addons as well

    Edit: oooops shoulda refreshed my page before posting lol

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    thanks yall, and yes, i know curse has rift addons, its in my main post :P i was asking if there was somewhere else @ Anti, thanks! that site is about what i was lookin for . also, since i have people here to ask anyways... is there a place i can see the new dungeons loot tables? Really curious if there is a piece of armor from there i would want to put into my wardrobe, not sure how to go about lookin for it though lol.

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    Sorry Kantor, Closest I could find was Rift.Zam, and they only had AP listed;


    maybe if you look or check around there you might find something for the other dungeons.

    EDIT: also found this for Tier 2:


    Rift Junkies is quite useful but not always updated.
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    thats ok, thanks though again anti. guess ill just spam run it till i find everything.

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    Problem is not many of the addons are being updated, hopefully after the expansion many will be.

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