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    Appropriate dps for level of gear?

    Hello all,

    I returned to raiding in MoP with my mage at the start of the expansion. After a couple of lockouts I felt rather bored with the mages playstyle and decided to re-roll to my favourite alt, the priest. Now my question is quite simple really, am I achieveing a reasonable amount of dps? Unfortunately I don't have any logs as we haven't been keeping on top of them, but as a general idea I logged 111k on elegon, and on the second boss of HoF I was sitting at around 50k on our best try (19%)

    Armoury link : eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/alonsus/Zipple/advanced

    (Meta gem is on the way)

    Tldr: Acceptable dps in current gear.

    (EDIT: Unable to post links on this account)
    (EDIT 2: ilvl at the time was 462)

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    A lot of fights this tier have + dmg mechanics so its hard to say what your dps at any gear level should be. On Elegon for example the boss takes a lot more damage if the fight is done right so DPS will be higher than average.

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    Good point. If it is of any help, we had 7 stacks on elegon at the time. I will post more recent results when the oppertunity allows

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