Hello there!

My name is Savantus, and I'm here to let everybody know who we are and what we're looking for in MoP. Bada Bing Club is an old guild, created back in 2006 by a group of friends. Not on Nordrassil though but on EU-Moonglade. In May 2008 the guild moved to Nordrassil.

But enough history for now, I'm here to let all you people out there that's looking for a fun, progressing guild that we are now recruiting! MoP has been good to us so far and we are progressing quite well, currently rank 6 server and rank 2 Horde side. However being a 10man raid guild which progresses quickly involves having enough raiders to rotate depending on the boss at the time, we are fully aware of certain classes having certain strengths on particular bosses. This has lead us to re-evaluate what we are most in need of class-wise:

Ranged = SPriests are a priority, all other ranged seriously considered and advised to apply.
Tank = Prot Paladin or Guardian Druid
Healer = Currently we have 4 active healers, however we are not opposed to rotating.
Melee = Rogue

In the current raid setting, our target bosses go down relatively quick and end up as farm bosses. We use this to rotate players who missed out on the 1st kill so that they can keep up with core team progress/gear.

Current progress is 2/6hc MV and 3/6 HoF.

We currently raid Wed, Thurs, Mon and Tues 20:00 - 23:00 server time, we will also use a Sunday providing we have the numbers but this is not mandatory. Once the progress period is over we will lower the days to 3 raid nights.

In terms of activity outside raid times, we are utilizing TS3 alot. The average age of members is 25 and the social side is perhaps the best I have experienced in my 8yrs of playing WoW, something I value quite highly as a player. We ofcourse have a wide variety of nationalities and we are all close while playing, we maintain a high level in interactivity.

Please visit our website: bbcwow.eu or whisper any officer in-game for a chat! Ábbe, Trxauunn, Grunkh, Kottsnaskarn and Laliina.// Officers of Bada Bing Club! Alternatively you can whisper myself and I will happily answer any queries you may have.