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    Having a bit of issues....

    Hi there everyone!

    So i have a bit of a problem. It all started today when i logged in, i discovered my account had been hacked. After a lot of hassle Blizzard lets me know that i need to make a new e-mail adress since they believe they might have acces to my old one.

    So i make a new one and finish it all up. The thing is when i was typing in the account information i used my full name (in my previous account i used a shorten version) and there is not any problems.

    So later on Blizzard locks the account again, this time just because of a mistake. when i try to unlock the account by doing the password reset thing, i notice it wont accept the information (i used the old one) because i completely forgot i changed the info, anways now i am out of attempts and i was wondering if anyone knows what to do from here?

    The thing is i cant submit a ticket since my account is locked, and battle.net is horribly confusing, so i am really hoping someone might be able to help me! Please anyone?

    Well thanks all, have a nice evening !

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    All you can truly do here OP is to call them and nothing more, We can't really do anything here.

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    Oh okay mate! I have tried calling them but i cant seem to get a connection? Im not sure if it is because im using the wrong number, or maybe because im from Denmark.

    Is there perhaps a mail adress i could write?

    Thanks for the answer tho!

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