hey guys, i have just been messing around on my shadow priest. He is isolated from my main on a different server, so i dont have a whole lot of gold to spend on him. However, i was wondering what gear would be optimal to use @ 86 for battle grounds. To my knowledge, leveling up actually puts you at a handicap. For example, when you hit 86 you would actually need more hit to max than the person at 85. therefor, if two peopel were wearing the exact same gear, and one dinged 86, the one who dinged 86 would technically be at a disadvantage because his gear is not as effective as the guy who is still 85. the same can be said for all the stats such as crit. 15 crit =15%chance to crit at 85 and 15 crit= 10%chance to crit at 86. (im just using random numbers to illustrate my point.) so, with that in mind, what gear would be better to use once your 86. mop greens? or season 11. im thinking season 11 gear might be better because the ressilince and the pvp power, would provide a greater benefit.

Or maybe we need to actually use a mixture of mop greens and season 11 in order to reach the same hit/crit/haste level as you were at during 85

and, can someone confirm some stat priority for pvp for me?

to my knowledge it goes