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    It's pretty simple.

    DPS is just a lot more fun to play. So when you que into a BG and see 3 ele shamans, a boomkin and a shadow priest with NO healers, the complaints turn into making someone do something they don't really want to do because they have a class with healing buttons.

    You need healers, it just makes it more interesting. Healing a BG is always about winning, rarely about topping kb's or going for insane achievements. This sucks and the trade-off is that they are necessary and you better hope they are geared and skilled, because they can carry a shitty team to victory better than a hunter off winning 1v1's somewhere and whining when they lose.

    Healing is a bit OP, but the solution might be to add utility not to just gimp healing. Playing a hybrid class well in a BG is a blast because if you use your healing buttons well, you can turn any fight because people write you off as just another dps. healers could use a bit more dos options if they are going to get gimped in raw output, disc priest style.

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    I'm a healer and in my experience it's mainly dps that ruin bgs. They try to kill me all the time.

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    I was thinking about 2 things. 1) If pvp power doesnt give healing to hybrid classes like paladins then i think pvp power gems will be useless since they will go for str (im talking about retris). Generally some hybrid classes need some heal cause its like their classic mechanic (retris and enhacment) but some other classes like elemental shaman or shadow priests ( casters dps) yes they are a bit out of control.U will say wtf retri paldins are doing shit loads of heal,yes but since they are mellee they will have to slow down or even devastate their dps same goes for enhancment shaman or feral druids.Once again im not telling that pvp power stat is balanced atm but i think they should give a % increase healing for hybrids too.
    2) If i was blizzard yes i would use this pvp power since its a good stat for high amounts of dps and healing ( to enjoy the game ) but they should remove the gems.This will lead to a decent bonus of dmg+healing without letting an elemental shaman or a shadow priest spam healing like he was resto/holly, this with an significant raise in mana cost (again for caster hybrids,mellee hybrids can do 3 heals atm before run oom).

    Finally if u ask me (TBC,WOTLK,CATA) 3 expantions now we had resilience a def system for pvp now blizz gave pvp power in order to do what? not let us using pve weapons for pvp or even 1-2 pieces? yes what? now we have tons of hybrid class out of control so i would suggest just to remove that stat.

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    The double dipping of resillience and pvp power is strange. Normally, more resillience means more effective healing, as a 50k heal takes more effort to punch through at higher resillience targets. But now, that heal is suddenly 75k, on the same resillience target...

    Atleast they're on the right track about fixing hybrid healers, that shit is outta control. I was toe'ing with a ret paladin on my rogue and had to dish out close to a million damage to get him down, receiving heals myself.

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    I dont mind big heals. What pisses me off is that healers NEVER OOM EVER.
    Pvp power besides increasing healing done should increse healing spell cost.
    So healers could balance their pvp power/spirit out. So your heals heal for more and cost more. It would not affect spellpower from intelect so you would still heal for more from better gear.
    Thats what i want.
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    And while they are at it, they should also change the spell coefficients for different specs.

    eg compare flash heal with healing surge. healing surge is a lot weaker because resto has tidal waves and mastery which really makes it better than flash heal when used on low hp targets. However, elemental doesn't have that and healing as ele costs more mana and heals for less. Also ele has no baseline def cd while spriest has several (shaman needs to choose between shield totem or shield wall in talents, while spriest get 15% baseline and 90% shield wall and PW:S baseline). I really don't think it's really fair as elemental off healing is far less an issue compared to the other hybrids. If you throw cc and def cd's in the mix, I actually think that elemental should provide better off heals than spriest or boomkin because they lack in the other area's.

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    Nerf both the healing, the off healing and the retarded burst from so many classes.


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    I used to have the same opinion but it changed for me with mists.

    This amount of healers make the BG more feel like RBG because in RBG most people run with 4healers as well.

    It makes CtF BG's a lot more entertaining due to the fact that you can not burst down the EFC in 10seconds with ease.

    Also with the current amount of CC's and burst damage I find healer stacking very reasonable.

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    No we don't

    I do a lot of RBGs as well as random BGs. More RBGs to be honest.

    If you feel that healers destroy BGs then step into RBGS. Against good and geared and skilled DPS we take a pounding. Yes if I'm blowing every one of my cooldowns and playing at the top of my game I can survive for awhile. But only IF I do that. If I get properly CCed and locked down I'm toast.

    If you are getting 4-5 healers on the other team in a BG then that sucks man, that just means no one is going to get a cap and that's not a BALANCE issue with healers, it's a balance issue with your random BGs.

    It's the same as getting 4-5 Arms Warriors. You're going to get charged and chopped to pieces in a split second! And that's just how it's going to roll.

    Don't blame healers because we are doing our jobs! Don't QQ if you can't burst a good or better geared healer down with your crappy greens, Contender's crafted PvP gear, or whatever other REAL factors come into play. Gear up, get better at your class, and I promise you if you know what you're doing you will be able to drop a healer.

    It just takes skill and knowledge of your class and closing the gear gap.
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    I am a Holy Paladin and I can't do squat if enemies focus on me in Pandaria. I get locked down by silence and interrupts. Maybe it is just because my gear sucks and I can't survive the bursts beyond all the CC and interrupts.

    I will also add that I can tell that I am not nearly as powerful as in Cata because I do not have all the instant and indirect healing I had then. The change of the spells and talents have taken a lot of that away and now I need more casting time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohai View Post
    i mean the capture the flag bgs. i am sure i am not the only one experiecing bgs with five or more healers. they just run up to the flag in a huge fucking pile and are practically unkillable.

    great idea blizz do make pvp stats twice as good for healers.
    so do mages, i was in wsg and half of the horde team were mages, that destroyed any amount of like i had for that bg

    anyway ontopic i think tamnks are worse than healer explicitly blood dk's, tho ive never had anymore than 2 healers in a wsg

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    normal bg's is just a random massive clusterfuck. Everyone dps's random targets without interupts/cc's etc. There's always some healer standing close by healing the crap out of the target youre dpsing.

    It's more of a matter that ppl are bad, clueless and dont really care in random bg's then healers being op.

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    While we wait around for blizz to do something we can all just press our buttons harder together in protest that something must be done. They seem to like the concept of god healz.

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    Welcome to World of Healercraft.

    Also i completely agree with that Mage statement as well, Its literally the single most retarded thing that Mages benefit from other Mages Freezes in Battlegrounds. 2x Frost Mage on anything = Instant Death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axi View Post
    I had a WSG against an ally team with 6 healers yesterday. Neither team could kill the efc, just timed out 0 - 0.

    If the mandatory 2 healers in 10man, 3healer in 15man BG rule could be implemented without killing either healers or dps' queue times I'd be overjoyed.

    40mans don't need any restrictions in that regard.
    What prevents you changing gear or spec once you get in the bg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curanhadin View Post
    What prevents you changing gear or spec once you get in the bg?
    The same thing that prevents you from changing spec during a BG, except extended to the entire duration of the BG (i.e. including the set-up time).
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    There is always something that destroys bgs: rogues, dks, healers, pvp tanks, etc

    The whining never ends.

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