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    Challenge Mode Gear Disparities

    I recently starting looking into forming a BiS list for challenge modes for hunters, when I bumped into an odd issue with a few pieces of gear.
    Let it be known that all these screenshots are from inside a challenge mode (Mogu'Shan Palace, to be exact)

    Starting with myself with no gear on:

    I put on my belt

    As you can see, I jump up from 216 agi to 1222. This is a difference of 1006 agi. On the belt, there is a total of 1130 agi inside the challenge mode. Not only is there a missing total of 124 agi, but I then looked into the Fetters of Death outside the raid (http://www.wowhead.com/item=86761) and I discovered that there is 56 more agi coming from somewhere.

    I then compared my scaled down Fetters of Death to a 463 belt

    From the tooltip, I'd gain +18 agi, not accounting for sockets. However, there is 2 more sockets you can gain over Bindburning Belt, which would (in theory) give you +320 agi. Would this bonus 302 agi not be insurmountable? And would that not mean that as we progress through tiers, challenge modes get progressively easier?

    Which brings me to my next item I looked into, my helm. (http://www.wowhead.com/item=89820)

    As you can see, I move from 216 agi into 1403. This is a difference of 1187 agi. From the tooltip, I read a total of 1352 agi gained from the helm. Again, we're missing 165 agi.
    I thought, man, this sure is a lot of agi just from my helm, I don't believe that any 463 helms have this much agi. Comparing to a 463 helm:

    Not only do I lose 217 agi if I was wearing a 463 helm, my secondary stats are borked too. 789 hit is changed into 634, and then the haste is bumped up from 357 to 512. Outside of the raid, the helm has 720 hit, 530 haste, and 906 agi. The Blizzard difference from the 489 helm to a 463 helm is 906->876 agi, 720->634 hit, and then 530->512 haste.

    The point of this post is that I'm curious if these differences in gear are intentional, to gradually nerf gold challenge modes over time, or unintended, giving the option of potential exploitation of stronger pieces of gear.

    These two pieces are the only two I've noticed so far, but I've only looked at around 6 pieces in total. I'll report back any more findings.

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    they were going be soft nerfed by gear anyway, even tier will nerf them slightly

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    Quote Originally Posted by me28791 View Post
    they were going be soft nerfed by gear anyway, even tier will nerf them slightly
    Tier set bonuses are removed in challenge mode - they are not active - at least that is what blizzard had in blue post, i cannot verify since i do not have a 2 set bonus tier yet.

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    your hit rating doesnt get scaled down hence you still see 789 hit rating

    not sure about gem sockets tbh

    and finally tier bonus will be turned off according to blue post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disperata View Post
    Tier set bonuses are removed in challenge mode - they are not active -
    This is true, my 2pc set bonus doesn't work in challange modes.

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    Im pretty sure gems dont get nerfed in challenge mode,
    i had basicaly the same stats on heroic blue item and epic lfr item and the lfr item was nerfed down to exact values of the heroic blue item despite having a socket wich overall gave it more dps value.

    This overall made me a little pissed as we return to pve raider =need no skill we got our gear

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