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    Finish MV Normal? (5/6 Current) or go onto HoF

    So question for all experienced. Newly formed guild that wants to push for top rankings on the realm in the upcoming tiers.

    We are currently 5/6 in MV normal right now and I am trying to decide if we should finish MV first, or go straight into HoF.

    We did a few attempts on Vizier but I am thinking we should be going back to clear out MV on normal at least.

    Any advice is appreciated thanks

    Seems wowprogress is not taking HoF into account for ranking yet.

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    If you're 5/6 in MV then clear it, the last boss is much easier than elegon so get a quick clear and start at HoF

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    Kill Will of the Emperor ofc. I took 3 raid nights to kill Elegon but only half of it to down Will (we killed Ele and had 90 min left on raid time, still managed to six shot Will)
    Bring multidotters, they make this fight really easy. Our lock in 475 ish gear did 70k DPS.

    Vizier is easier than Elegon but still harder than Will i think. Depends how well your raid dodges discs and how fast you stack under shield (healthstones / personal CD's ftw) Last phase of Vizier is pain, we had three survivors at the end, tank and 2 DPS.
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    If you are 5/6 normal, don't worry about rankings. HoF is taken into account on rankings though. I think the first 2 bosses in HoF are easier than will (on 25 at least).

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    From what I understand, pretty much anything in normal Heart is harder than anything from MV minus Elegon (this is intentional, hence the slight increase in ilvl from the newer 2 raids). So just finish MV and go on from there. Farming only gets easier once you complete it.

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    Pretty much what other's have said. First 2 bosses in HoF are free loot pretty much. Also Will is super easy, you should go clear it first.

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