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    Question Can DW frost dk have the same burst as 2h ( PVP )


    My main focus ingame is pve and so far I didn't do pvp that much yet in mop. And I finally gathered the conquest to buy pvp weapon, but before buying it I'd like to ask you guys if DW frost dk can have the same burst as 2h frost dk.

    For transmog purposes I actually want to be DW. But I have tried some pvp with 463 one-handed weapons and it seemed to me that DW has less burst than 2h. But the thing is my mastery is too low at this point, and I'd like to learn if its possible to have the same burst with the right mastery as DW.

    Thanks in advance


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    Well you're hitting with two main abilities as DW:

    - Howling Blast, unrelated to weapon damage. It is modified by strength and PvP Power (and mastery, which is your focus as DW)
    - Frost Strike, related to weapon damage but the modifier is pretty low

    And two others:

    - Very occasional Obliterate, related to weapon damage, but lower than 2H (just to use unholy runes)
    - Necrotic strike for healing/casting control on casters

    Aside from the change in priority I don't see any reason why the two can't achieve the same burst. Don't worry about the pretty numbers. Worry about the time it takes to actually down the enemy. 2H will smash with 200k OB crits, but DW will hit far more often with 80 - 150k crits instead. You're going to be good against plate as DW since your two main abilities ignore armor, and typical against casters since you won't be hitting them in the face with a powerful Obliterate.

    Like you pointed out, though, your mastery is low. This'll be your priority. Get capped at 3% hit and 3/3% expertise, then go for mastery. Gem blue sockets with PvP power, and red sockets with str/pvp power gems. In yellow, go for PvP power + mastery gems. Check out this guide from Noxxic: http://www.noxxic.com/wow/pvp/death-knight/frost

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