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    It'll only remain 3 seconds if you have no haste on your gear, no haste buff and never cast it during BL.
    Shouldn't the dot be effected by haste?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    Shouldn't the dot be effected by haste?
    If it works like Burning Embers, nope.
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    I'm honestly not worrying about it until it comes out in the PTR notes or some other official post. There are tons of things that have been in the PTR unannounced that have been dropped in the next build. Chaos bolt isn't the biggest offender in PvP, so it'd be interesting to see the rationale behind this going live. Even if it does go live, it just forces us into a crit/haste build over a mastery build at the very worst, which means Demo will be my offspec over affliction most likely.

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