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    Spec / Talent / Glyph and Logs


    I don't know if a thread like this exist, but If it does. Link it in the comment section below.

    I want this thread to be a way to check other Warlocks choices on different fights. So something like this:

    WoL: Log
    Spec: Affliction
    Talents: 2,2,3,2,3,1
    Glyph: Soul Shard, Siphon Life, Soul Swap

    Item Level: 486
    Haste: 9.88% (4,198)
    Mastery: 60.74% (6904)

    If you have anything to add, put it here! Like gem/reforgeing

    This is just to have a overview of how other players play. If I can improve, or maybe just try something new.

    This might be a fail thread but, hopefully someone link something.
    Thanks for your time!
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    Interesting idea. If it gets some wider attention on the board it might be a place where you can show the results of particular set-ups you tried, so others can see the results, and you can discuss them.

    Only big thing I see is that gear/gems/reforging matters quite a bit in this, and there is no way to get a permanent link to what set up a user had when the logs happend. Might be an idea to have people also include what (approximate) ilevel and what stat priorities they used.

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