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    Prot - Challenge Modes

    Cleared all silvers so far with my guild as a prot paladin. Our current setup is me, frost dk, affli lock, ele shaman and a resto druid. We're looking to start for some golds but I feel like I'm the weak link at the moment, are there many people doing these as a prot paladin? What sort of gearing/spec advice would you give? At the moment I'm sitting on 7.5% exp/hit but I feel like dropping down a bit just for trash would be more beneficial as the bosses don't hurt that much anyway, replacing this with haste or mastery perhaps?

    Any insight from people doing these in a general sense is appreciated!

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    i have all silvers myself as prot, but the prot pally on the top guild on the server has done all gold and i've talked to him. he went hit/exp to 7.5>mastery>parry>haste>dodge. haste is good for prot at high ilvl when you can really get it up there. being as your gear drops to 463, the haste values arent up there. and if you stack a lot of haste anyways you wont be able to chain pull packs of mobs like you're supposed to for golds. also the trinkets he used was the shado pan tank trinket along with the lessons trinket from scholo. i bought that trinket from shado pan but i dont have lessons so for my second i just stick with the str dmc for the static str and str proc to help with parry.

    basically the biggest tip is to get yourself to stay alive through 2 and sometimes 3 pulls at a time. we do enough aoe dps that you can gem/enchant/reforge etc into all defensive stats to keep yourself alive.

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    i made SF challenge mods: Gold on 8 of october.
    Here you can see some my PoV's o multi PoV's (with moonk) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...h&feature=plcp
    my stats priority WAS hit/ expertise (soft) / mastery / parry / dodge
    but i recomend you to made a haste build, because it will upgrade your sirvival and your DPS (it should be weighty part of you party's DPS)
    exp - soft cap will be enough for all trash (bosses are not critical)

    Talents: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/tool/tal...r#b!202100!YdG
    tier 1,2,4 - optional
    cons glyph is optional too but it really helps with trash

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    super random post,

    The other day it was GotSS challenge mode daily and my GM said HEY MAY WANNA TANK DAT SHIT ?!? I SAID YO Y NOT.

    So we went in with no clue what so ever none of use did any challenge mode, Prot Pally, Fire Mage, Aff Lock, SV Hunter and Resto Sham.

    We starting pulling like mad, shit was rough but managable, we ended with gold we had 2 second on timer. I was told GotSS was the easiest one but still I am pretty sure it defo doable with a prot pally also the only team who got all gold on my server is prot pally, hunter, rogue, lock, sham

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