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    download speed issue

    Yesterday i decided to switch my computer and install windows 7 meaning everything i had with vista is gone, it took me a minute to get the internet driver up and running and its going perfectly all except my download speeds before switching from vista my download rate was about 400kb/s. its not that fast but its WAY faster then what i'm getting right now. as of right now my wow client and everything else i try to download is only getting about 30kb/s. WoW luckily is getting 70kb/s but its not fast enough... i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what is wrong

    i have a TP link 300mbps high gain wireless N usb adaptor with the correct driver installed.
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    for starters, your wireless adapter has no effect on your download speed, nor does switching to windows 7

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    What's your advertised speed with your broadband provider?
    - Can you run several speed tests with different servers on www.speedtest.net ?

    What router are you using?
    - Have you tried connecting with an ethernet cable, or with another wireless adapter?
    -- Have you tried connecting to just the modem?
    -- Do you have a mobile phone where you can test the connection on?

    Did you have any packet filtering or QoS enabled, or anything that would change the way packets get sent/received such as "leatrix latency fix"?

    More specific to WoW:

    Have you tried restarting the client?

    Have you tried with P2P enabled and disabled? (and restarted the client after switching modes?)

    USB wireless adapters don't tend to live up to their numbers, a PCI wireless adapter would be a lot better in terms of getting a stable connection and speed. (Not that i'm out-right recommending that you go and get one!)
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    Did you look at your firewall settings?

    Because the only thing I can think of is your router settings but those shouldn't be changed when you format your computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    for starters, your wireless adapter has no effect on your download speed, nor does switching to windows 7
    Aye this is true. The loss in speed can be one of few things

    Bad time at the day many people use the internet thus slows down the speed you connect with.
    Did you remember to put peer to peer on?
    Bad connection in one of the packet jump. do a pathping to blizzards server. If you find a packet loss somewhere contact you local provider and supply them with the info so they can fix it.

    other thanb that i have no clue.
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