Hey Everyone, Tempest (H) of Runetotem-US is currently looking to fill its ranks! We are currently looking for the following classes and specs, though anyone who feels they can contribute is welcome to apply!

  • Mage

We are always looking to fill our ranks with quality raiders.

About us:

Tempest is a PvE progression raiding guild founded in July 2011. We are a smaller close knit group that work together to tackle raiding challenging content.

Raid Times:

During progression are Tues-Thurs 8-11 Server (CST)

What we're looking for in a raider:

Raiding the high end of content requires a certain amount if personal work to ensure you are contributing to and not holding back the raid team. We expect each raider to show that initiative. This includes being prepared for raiding by having:

Max Level Professions
Properly gemmed and enchanted gear
All consumables needed for the raid
Knowledge of the fight mechanics and basic strategy

Aside from being a raider, we are also looking for people who are mature and able to communicate effectively. We care about the reputation of our guild and want others who will too.

If you think you meet these and are interested in applying, please visit our website www dot tempest-runetotem dot com to fill out an application. You can also speak to an officer in game, they are Sylvae and Lachez.