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    Games not starting


    i just put together my own pc with windows professional (legit version) 64 bit. Everything works fine except games wont start.
    When i press a game icon i gives 1/2 seconds a loading mouse icon and than stops. Not even a black screen or starting up, just stopping with the process.
    When i tried it with starcraft 2: click --> load 1/2 seconds --> stops. Click again --> error saying Starcraft 2 is alreaddy running 1 time.

    Battlefield: Origin will start and let me log in, but when i press play, it's the same story. only not giving error after 2 times saying already running.

    When i runn windows taskmanager and press BF3, this shows up in processes:
    Bf3.exe *32.

    maby problem there since i runn 64 bit?

    Additional information:
    Windows 7 professional 64 bit.
    DirectX 11.

    Windows is installed on a SSD 840 samsung series.
    Programms installed under program files (x86), the games.
    Other stuff also installed under program files Not x86

    16 gb ram
    i7-3770k @ 3,50 ghz (8 cpu's)
    2TB HDD
    Assrock z77 pro 4 mobo.

    At the pc management is shows
    -Intel(R) HD GRAPHIC 4000

    maby something to do with that? first accessing onboard card?
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    Assuming that you installed everything from scratch; Win 7 -> Install Updates -> Install Games, that should be okay.

    Have you installed the latest DirectX and other software that you need to actually run the games?

    - The Onboard chip should be deactivated by default as it's detected your 660Ti
    Computer: Intel I7-3770k @ 4.5GHz | 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM | AMD 7970 GHz @ 1200/1600 | ASUS Z77-V PRO Mobo|

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    As stated above, running DirectX 11.
    Software wise; Installed every driver / motherboard cd / gpu drivers etc. That's kinda the problem. :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yohassakura View Post
    - The Onboard chip should be deactivated by default as it's detected your 660Ti
    This is very likely not the answer to OP's problem, and I hope you solve that very frustrating issue. But in my case with a 570, the onboard chip was not deactivated by default even though I did chose the 570 as primary GPU. Some games/programs, e.g. Tribes Ascend and Heaven Benchmark would only recognize the onboard chip as my primary GPU, so I had to disable the onboard GPU manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemmiwink View Post
    is your hdd connected to your marvell sata port on the MB?
    Yes it is. Altough i got today the error on startup

    Runntime ERROR
    Program:C:/Program Files (x86)\origin\origin.exe

    -Not enough space for thread data

    ---------- Post added 2012-11-04 at 11:41 AM ----------

    At every game he seems to run the .exe *32 file, but just not starting up the game.

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    Try putting your HDD into your intel SATA 3.0 controller and give it another go. The 830 series works flawlessly on both controllers but I am not sure about the 840 as I have no personal experience with it yet. Give it a go and try again then give us a shout wether it worked or not.

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    Graphics driver problem quite obviously. Try the following steps:

    1) disable the onboard graphics from BIOS/UEFI

    2) download and install complete DirectX from here

    Even if Windows 7/8 comes with DirectX11 pre-installed, sadly those also come with slimmed down bare minimum version of older versions of DX. Running the web installer linked above will make sure you have every piece of DX 8 through 10 installed completely. More than half of the currently sold games requires full DX9 to be installed on computer, that's why those offer to install it after the game. If you just skip the DX9 installer on Win7 machine believing DX11 will handle it, you can run into problems.
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