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    Sartharion 3D 25 Man

    How much DPS you need to solo or duo the Sartharion before the encounter mechanics kicks in that makes the encounter unsoloable?

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    He got 9597500 hp / 85 = 112911 dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naturehaze View Post
    He got 9597500 hp / 85 = 112911 dps.

    His HP goes up to around 11 million ish i think.

    I have 2 manned it as a hunter with my pet tanking.

    I was doing around 110k DPS as BM
    Boomkin at 109k DPS

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    I just two manned it first week of MoP. Don't think I could solo it unless I got very good RNG on my Mage until my gear gets better.
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    2 manned with a Fury Warrior last week, easily "do-able".

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    I got all excited after a handful of attempts getting the third drake down with both me and my pet alive (affliction lock) only to realize the rest of the fight was impossible. Always thought the portal mobs were killed just to take away those dangerous debuffs. I guess ill find someone to duo it.

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    Save dps and tank cooldowns to 25%, just before or when the adds enrage?
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    I found it easiest by far to just take two people and just do it the 'intended way' (not that 2-manning it was ever intended, but you all know what I mean). One person (me, on my DK) tanks everything as it appears, the other person (DPS monk) kills stuff and takes portals to deal with those adds. Neither of us were well geared on those alts at the time (Dread wastes quest gear, basically), and at no point were we ever in danger of losing. We figured it made more sense to just control the fight and handle it normally than to pray we had the DPS for a zerg kill.

    But to the original question, it's something in the 100-150k DPS range. Not sure where exactly. Should be easy enough with two good (and sturdy) DPS; or a *really* hard push for a solo.

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