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    How does Crz work when the party leader goes offline?

    Like what will happen? I recently transferred my main from a PVE to a PVP server, and I love it there. I wanna start leveling one of my alts, but I wanna do it on the PVP server without paying for a realm xfer right now. (yes I do have a way to get my main and alt in a group at the same) but once I get them in the same group, if I go to the zone I want to be phased and then sign out of my main will my alt stay in on the PVP server, or get phased back to my old server?

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    You'll be ported back to your own server.

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    You will stay in the pvp server until the default amount of offline time swaps party lead to your alt. At which point you will go back to the alts realm.

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