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    Exclamation One subscription for both WoW and Titan?

    So I've spoke today with a friend of my friend who's a game developer for a few years now. He knows almost everything what's going on gaming market so I've had to ask him about WoW and the new Blizzard project - Titan. He told me that he's 100% sure that WoW and Titan will have one subscription that will allow people to play both games. So what do you guys think about it? Is it possible? He might be wrong but I thought I'll share his opinion with you guys.

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    I don't think that would be very likely in the long run. What I expect though is an annual pass deal, just as with Diablo III. You sign up for one year of WoW and will get Titan + a certain amount of playtime. Most likely timed like you would get the Titan playtime while not much is going on in WoW (think late 4.3esque) but you would still be subscribed to WoW when the new expension hits.

    That way you are somehow forced to get started on both.

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    So, people subbed to WoW would play Titan for free, losing Blizzard billions in potential turnover?

    Seems logical.

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    That is entirely possible; however it is dependent on the number of subscribers WoW is still maintaining when Titan roles around. While Titan is getting established the subscriptions will most likely remain independent, but it would not be unforeseeable that Blizzard would try to bolster WoW's lowering subscription numbers with Titan's player-base, while helping to introduce the current WoW player-base to Titan.
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    So this can't possibly be a troll based off the other tin-foil hat "They're killing WoW for Titan" thread or anything.

    Oh wait, it is.

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    My friend who also knows everything about games told me Titan is going to be about narwhals and pancakes.

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    My drug dealer down the street said we will be playing as one-leg Chickens in Titan.

    What I mean by this is you can't always trust what others say.

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    Maybe one sub would pay for them both?

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    Sony has this. If both Titan (possibly FPS) and WoW dominate their respective markets the way WoW does now, it makes little sense. Otherwise some sort of battle.net pass seems very likely.

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    If you want to discuss this possibility, that's fine. But creating threads that proclaim "so and so told me so" just don't go anywhere. Back up your statements with some real evidence, or make it clear you presenting a supposition.

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