View Poll Results: would you do dailys if you didn't have to unlock your valor gear?

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  • No, but I did to get the gear.

    73 23.62%
  • Yes, I like dailys. It gives me something to do.

    60 19.42%
  • Yes, I am a Rep junkie and I wanted the rep.

    119 38.51%
  • Absolutely not. Dailys suck so I'd rather not get the gear.

    57 18.45%
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    No. I don't do them even to unluck my VP gear, I woulda stopped sooner (meaning I wouldn't have started at all) if I didn't even unlock VP gear from it.

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    Dailies should be a diversion from being bored, period. It's an addition to the normal fare of dungeons/raids. It maybe even the only venue for some, especially those on very limited schedules.

    Not everyone has the same goals or tastes in playing WoW, but anything forced as a means to gear out (in a game totally dependent on gear to enjoy) is not fun.

    And WoW is about entertainment.
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    I'd want to get exalted with all the factions eventually anyway (achievements and mounts being the biggest reasons), so I'm not bothered by Valor gear being gated by reputation. I haven't been diligent with my dailies and still have had all the factions that sell Valor gear at revered. The only ones I did do everyday I logged in, were Anglers and Tillers, because I liked doing those.

    And this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahugani View Post
    I'm a bit OCD about empty rep bars, so I do them anyways, valor gear is just an added bonus
    999/999 with all the Tillers took me quite some time before the last one finally offered a daily.
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    Nope. Tillers is the only one I care(d) about.

    In hindsight, this kind of needs a Dr Seuss rhyme to go along with it. I will not do dailies on a train, I will not do dailies in the rain.
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    Better question is: when you are vp capped and exalted, do you still do dailies? My answer is no. I only do them as I feel forced into it. As soon as I can possibly not do them and not fall behind, I avoid them as they are boring as hell.

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    I would do it for the rep. I live by my targets, it makes me feel like I've achieved something.
    /tar exalted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doylez View Post
    I would slowly do them over several months, but the way it is now I feel forced to do them every day.
    Fixed that for you
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    I've played since early BC and never done dailies.

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    Yes, I did shado pan and am doing august celestials for the other rewards.

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    So only 39, or 17.18%, actually enjoyed doing dailies so far.

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    Do them just for valor gear Also get exalted in golden lotus for ring. That's it. Hate em but need to do them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkthepunk View Post
    So only 39, or 17.18%, actually enjoyed doing dailies so far.
    Hurrdurr only 43 ppl voted they hate dailies, so hurrdurr 81.3% don't mind dailies hurrrdurrr

    Broken poll is broken, don't read too much into it The only people who *have* to do the dailies are the rep junkies
    A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man’s self-respect and inherent human dignity.”
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    yes I would.
    but then I am a rep whore.
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    I'm not a big fan of daily quests so I've decided to break up my rep grinds in order to get the gear and mounts that I want. I'm only doing 2-3 factions dailies a day. If there was no gear associated with them there would only be a few factions I would feel the need to gain exhalted with for myself to get the mounts I like.

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    Yes i would do the dailies because im a rep junkie but then again ill get my last rep to exalted the day after tomorrow so.. no more dailies! till next patch...

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    I've been playing this game since it has released and I've seen blizzard change things for the good and bad. I appreciate them for holding my interest this long with a game that I continue to enjoy. With that said, I've seen some recent changes that have me scratching my head.

    Blizzard has always tried to give options which should never be a bad thing but I HATE the fact that you have to do dailies as the core way to earn reputation. I don't think that players should be limited to just one way of gaining reputation. Reading these blue posts, I've gathered that blizz's response to players complaints is that you don't have to do them if you're burnt out or they don't take very much time to do. Keep in mind that these aren't quotes so please stop me if I'm horribly wrong.

    People seem to have liked the tabard system, myself included and I can see where other players would like the daily option because people enjoying questing. Blizz at this point in the game when you have two great systems, why not make them both work?

    If you included both options as a way of gaining rep but put a daily cap on rep so people aren't just burning through rep too fast, I'd be pretty happy. I think with a method like this, players could choose themselves if they wanted to run a 5man or if they wanted to do dailies. I personally think that blizz took out tabards because people would farm heroics and burn through the rep.

    I personally have always hated dailies. I earn gold through professions, and I only quest to see the storyline. I've NEVER been a fan of dailies and hey thats my choice but to now tell me I have to do them if I want to see the rewards is just a jab to my play style and how I enjoy my time in game. I know you can't cater to just one player, but I think there are options so that multiple styles can be somewhat happy.

    With dailies and caps, its a way to put a leash on how quickly people go through content and the more control they have over the pace, the longer players will stay subscribed. Hey, I'm not mad at you, its a business first I get it but giving so many options that make players happy just to take it away an expansion or two later seems like a step backward.

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    Dailies keep me busy and give me rep.... That rep makes me happy =3
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    The thing about dailies is they should be painless. It should be the true "casual" game.

    Serpent, Tillers, and Anglers all get this perfect. They are not required for gear but give some fun stuff, and are extremely painless to do. I got all three of them to Exalted.

    Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, August Celestials, and some of the Klaxxi, not so much. I always found the quests for those factions rather painfu. It's not even that the quests are hard, they are just time consuming because either you have drop quests with low drop rates, kill quests were all the mobs have way more health then they should, some areas the spawns are too light, and other areas the spawns are so heavy you finish a quest and then have to fight ten more Mogu as they spawn on top of you over and over again before the last one is even dead.

    Frankly, I just do them now and then, but don't care to focus too much. I will get exalted when I get exalted, not like I need the gear, most of that has already become obsolete.

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    I've only ever thought dailies were worth doing twice in my 7 year WoW career: molten front and isle of quel'danas.
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    I dont mind doing dailies and i would still do them if they offered no rewards except another notch on my rep chart

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