View Poll Results: would you do dailys if you didn't have to unlock your valor gear?

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  • No, but I did to get the gear.

    73 23.62%
  • Yes, I like dailys. It gives me something to do.

    60 19.42%
  • Yes, I am a Rep junkie and I wanted the rep.

    119 38.51%
  • Absolutely not. Dailys suck so I'd rather not get the gear.

    57 18.45%
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    People that really love doing dailies are the people that do them after they got all the rewards and hit exalted. I am willing to bet that is almost no one as they are seriously boring.

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    The amount of dailies to do is pretty crazy if you do all of them. It was pretty overwhelming at first, especially when I was already working 50+ hours a week, and then had to come home and do dailies. Eventually I settled on a plan.

    I really wanted a Cloud Serpent.
    I actually really enjoy Tillers and the farm.
    I hate Golden Lotus.
    I don't fish.
    I want the Onyx Cloud Serpent.
    I want the Amber Scorpion.
    I like having exalted reputation.

    So weighing all these, I started with Order of the Cloud Serpent, Tillers, and Golden Lotus. Cloud Serpent only takes about 15-16 days to reach exalted, and I was still working on Tillers and Golden Lotus, so I added in Klaxxi.

    Upon reaching Revered with Golden Lotus, I dropped them completely. Started Shado-Pan, August Celestials, Klaxxi, and Tillers. Tillers was exalted soon after that, and aside from farming crops, I dropped their dailies. As of now I only do Klaxxi, Shado-Pan, and August Celestials. I am currently Revered with Klaxxi and Shado-Pan but they have items I want that require Exalted, so I'm still doing those. I actually don't mind the Shado-Pan dailies at all, I'm a Blood Death Knight, so dailies are pretty easy, albeit a bit monotonous, for me.

    Even now without a job, laid off, I haven't been doing any extra dailies. I don't mind dailies, but there's a point where enough is enough for one day. Once I hit Exalted with Klaxxi and Shado-Pan, I will most likely start Anglers, and start working on Exalted with Golden Lotus, while still working on Exalted with August Celestials.

    At most, I work on three factions at a time, was four for a while, but I honestly didn't mind Tiller dailies, they are easy and the farming is kind of fun.

    You just have to find a way for it to work for you, doing them all at once is very, very overwhelming, and it gets really boring.

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    I expect eventually factions will be more focused on pets, mounts, vanity items, and transmog gear while stat/progression gear will be more dungeons and raids. I have no problem seeing crafting patterns behind dailies either. Just because you're a tailor does not mean you absolutely MUST have the new bag pattern.

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    Mounts, tabards and pets! I'd do daily's anyway. Mind you I do them very casually, I prefer to pick a faction and do dailys only for them and don't mind only doing them every 2 days if that's how i feel like on the day.

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    I dont enchant nor do I bother to level proffesion nor do I gem.
    I guess you can think what I think about dailies

    I log on. Do arena. Log off
    Life goes on

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    I quit doing dailies 2 weeks ago b/c I do not like that I have to do so many everyday (for valor, rep, rep to unlock other rep, tokens, etc). I would do dailies almost every single day if it were more optional and I didn't have to do it to progress. I decided to put my foot down and not play the game a way I didn't enjoy and haven't done a single one in weeks.

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    I wouldnt be working away at them as much as i am now. If there was no gear Id still want the rep, I would just make do one faction at a time instead of blitzing as many as possible.

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