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    You are incorrect


    You made an account and did 10 fast posts so you can advertise a youtube video. Not a good way to contribute to the boards and against our advertising rules. We have a 10 post count before linking just for that very reason.

    If you have a problem with the moderation feel free to use the "contact us" or send a PM to any of the Admins.

    I made over 10 posts, all about RIFT, all helpful to others, continued to post, and ONE happened to be about a RIFT EMPLOYEE who was making a movie, and you decided to censor ALL OF MY POSTS based on that one post.

    I see plenty of links to videos here, I am not sure why one post about someone associated with RIFT was a problem.

    Moderators worth their salt issue infractions, that is fine. But they DO NOT delete every single post someone has made because of one infraction. I've never seen anything like that.

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    They'll probably ban you for calling them out again :P.

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    Yeah A) discussing mod actions is against TOS B) I am assuming you made a new account in order to circumvent a ban which will probably also get you banned. Read the forum rules, they aren't that hard to follow.

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    Please do not continue to discuss moderator actions in public. If you have a problem with moderation, please use the Contact Us form at the top right to discuss it with the administrators.

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