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    Boomking question -

    Hey guys! Old-school boomking(cata wii) and I am considering starting to raid again. However, I have one question about boomers.

    It's about Nature's Vigil. What other cooldown should you lay it up with? Celestial Alignment or Incarnation?

    An answer and an explanation would be really appreciated.

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    If you are raiding and clearing HC then you should be using Dream of Cenarius with your 4 piece. Heart of the Wild is more of a dps increase than natures vigil but Dream of Cenarius out performs both with the 4 piece.

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    Okei, thanks for quick answer! However, haven't started raiding yet, and currently have no tier-gear.

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    It's probably in the moonkin guide post but if you've looked at the abilities it's pretty apparent what you do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sepe View Post
    It's probably in the moonkin guide post but if you've looked at the abilities it's pretty apparent what you do
    Why don't you tell me instead? :-)) And no, didnt find it in the moonkin guide, please show me where if it is there.

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    On such a simple question I'd rather help you to help yourself. TEACH A MAN TO FISH RIGHT?!

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    Ill go with Incarnation and Nature's Vigil.

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    Correct. You use Inc+NV at the same time when you enter an eclipse, then after the last cast of that eclipse you use CA. 30s/30s then the 15s cd lines up. See what I mean? Easy to figure out if you just look at what they do and their durations.

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    Moonkin Guide : http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...de-5-0-Edition

    You want Inc+NV poped in Lunar which will eat about 15sec off the 30sec, then once out of Lunar you pop CA which lasts 15sec matching the remaining time on Inc+NV, because Incarnation only works while in an Eclipse state.

    Dream of Cenarius is only better on single target, patchwreck-style fights (virtually non existent), while also requiring almost flawless play to come on top and it's even worse on multidot fights.

    Edit: Sepe said it 5min earlier :<

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