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    WoW FPS dropps in 25man

    I need some help.. im raiding now in a 25man guild and i have rly rly hard fps dropps. i dont rly know why i think my pc is fine..
    i7 3,4 GHZ with a GTX 560 64bit. Could play on ultra in the 10man raid... but now its not possible 2 raid at medium settings..
    Or could it be the internet connection since i only have dsl 3k?
    any know what can help??

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    With those specs and even that internet you should not be having huge frame drops, could play on ultra before what? mop? and not being able to raid at medium settings getting what kind of frames?

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    was raiding 10man at ultra. i have like 80 fps and when im in the raid i have huge drops 2 like 10-20? yeah thats not funny for a caster...
    the only lags i had in cata was like ultra lfr when there was 10shamys with elementals +kr... but never had any probs b4.
    and i dont have much addons
    only elvui+recount+tidyplates and power auras

    im also playing d3 mw3 on high settings without any problems.
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    Well, frame drop can relate to many factors, but, 80 frames in a 10 man, consider that 25 man is 10/10/5 which means that your frames drop down to 40 for 20 players, and then lets say another 10 more for the extra 5 players. So 80 frames for 10 man would be 30 frames for 25 man. So dropping down to 10-20 frames depending on all that is currently happening on screen does not sound that out of place. Your cpu is perfectly fine for 25 man raiding, but your gpu since its a 560, may not quit be up there enough for 25 man on ultra.

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    im not playing on ultra in 25man its on "good".. i dont care the graphics..i just dont want laggs..

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    1) log off
    2) uncheck all addons
    3) start up LFR and do at least one boss monitoring your FPS
    4) IF you get an increase in FPS (which i'm going to say you will) enable one addon at a time starting with the most important (don't say they all are because that's bullshit)
    5) Perform step 3 again
    6) if no decrease in performance enable another addon you require.
    7) keep adding ONE addon at a time and see how you go

    People really don't understand how much their "needed" addons kill their FPS in larger raids. Also, since MoP is still newish, a lot of vendors haven't updated their addons at all or well enough

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    yeah i will try it later
    a friend told me some tricks mb it allrdy works.

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