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    Cool Looking for a macro or addon that can unlearn and relearn talents.

    I play a mage. I constantly swap bombs depending on the fight, and it is annoying having to open talent page, click the talent, click 'yes' to using a Tome to unlearn the talent, click the new talent, click learn, click 'yes' to learning that talent. Wouldn't it be great to have an addon that had all three bombs in that talent tier as buttons on my ui, I could click Living Bomb and it would automatically unlearn my current bomb, and relearn Living Bomb for example. Maybe there is a macro that unlearns a certain talent, and a macro that learns a certain talent? If anyone can help me or knows if any of this is even possible please tell me!


    Nevermind I've found one. If anyone is interested it is a /click macro. To find the name of the button that is the talent I want to unlearn, I turned on the Framestack option at the top of the Move Anything Addon options, then typed Rightclick after the button name. Here is an example where I unlearned a tier 5 talent:

    /click PlayerTalentFrameTalentsTalentRow5Talent1 RightButton

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