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    Looking for 9 right now DOTA2

    Want to try for Rosh record kill in Diretide

    Teams will consist of (best chance as far as I can see)

    Skeleton King
    Phantom assasin
    razor (opposing team to tinker and steal attack power from tinker)
    Bounty hunter

    How it will work

    Need tinker and at least 1 other with Sheep Stick (Ogre best choice), need 1 assult curias per team

    1 team member per bucket so 1 ally and 1 enemy to each bucket. The enemy to the bucket attacks it and the ally to the bucket picks up the candy and returns it to the bucket. do this for 20 minutes :P

    other 6 players will farm lanes for more candy. NO ONE KILLS EACH OTHER. who cares who wins all that matters is rosh time

    Tinker items
    Scythe of Vyse
    Bloodstone X 4 (one on the courier after battle starts)

    Huskar items
    Armlet of Mordiggian (to lose health and hit faster)

    Ogre Items
    Scythe of vyse

    Remaining item slots filled with
    Deadalus x 1 (except SK and PA)
    Mjollnir X 1
    Assult Currias X 1 for the team
    Divine Rapier X remaining slots (1 on the courier for when fight starts)


    Ogre uses Scythe then tinker immediately uses Scythe and Orchid then rearms and repeats whole fight. Ogre uses Bloodlust on team mates. Razor steals Tinker power. everyone attacks. GG.

    Reply with game name and which toon you want.

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